LDS Family Council Ideas

A couple weeks ago I received a wonderful book in the mail from Deseret Book. The book that I received is journal to help families hold regular family councils, and to record those special meetings. Since I heard Elder Ballard encourage all members to hold regular Family Councils it has been on my mind, but it is something that we still haven’t done. Today I am sharing a review of “Our Family Council Journal”, and a little peek inside of… Read more »

LDS Legos

I have another amazing GIVEAWAY for all of you today. Last week, I shared these amazing building blocks on Facebook. Today I am teaming up with Melissa and Betsey, of Our Picnic Tree,  to give some away! YAY! Who here has children that love building blocks? My kids do! The last several years, that is all my son has wanted for Christmas. When I saw these Christian and LDS Building Blocks, I knew I had to get some for my… Read more »

November 2016 Sharing Time Ideas

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2016 Outline Introduce the doctrine: Show a picture of a child praying, and explain that the child is showing love and respect for God. Tell the children that you are thinking of a nine-letter word that means love and respect for God. Draw nine blanks on the board, one for each letter in the word reverence, and invite the children to guess letters. As they guess correct letters, write them in the appropriate blanks. You may want to… Read more »

Our Bodies are Sacred FHE

Does anyone else have a hard time getting the family together each week for Family Home Evening? Life gets busy, I totally understand. But it’s important to take the time to have this time with our families to teach them and to spend time with them. Last month, Emilie of A Year of FHE asked me if I’d be interested in a monthly blog swap. I LOVE Emilie and her wonderful blog, so of course I said YES! Before we… Read more »

Faith Sharing Time Idea

Sharing Time Idea from the 2016 Outline Introduce the doctrine and encourage understanding: Write “Faith in Jesus Christ leads us to love Him, trust Him, and keep His commandments” on the board. Show the children some seeds. Ask: “What can these seeds become?” “How do you know these seeds will grow?” “What must we do to make them grow?” Explain that our faith in Jesus Christ, like a seed, can grow if we nurture it. Discuss things we can do to… Read more »

General Conference teaching ideas

Today I finally jumped back on Periscope to discuss a talk from the April 2016 General Conference. If you haven’t joined me on Periscope, I go ‘live’ every Tuesday at 1:30 pm (MST) to share teaching tips for General Conference talks. Today I shared some teaching tips and a great printable for Bonnie L. Oscarson’s talk, “Do I Believe?”. And now I am sharing them on my blog. Enjoy! 🙂 I loved Sister Oscarson’s talk, and it really made me… Read more »

Sharing Time Idea from the 2016 Outline Introduce the doctrine: Divide the children into groups and give each group a phrase from the third article of faith. Have each group stand, in the correct order, and repeat their phrase. Then have the entire Primary stand and repeat the whole article of faith. Repentance Sharing Time Idea Encourage understanding: Testify that one way the Atonement of Jesus Christ saves us is that it saves us from sin. Show the children a clear glass of… Read more »

Today I am teaming up with some other amazing bloggers to bring you some GREAT FHE ideas based on the April 2016 General Conference addresses. I LOVE General Conference, and am always looking for ways to use them to teach our family for the next 6 months. Today I am sharing some ideas and printables for Sister Cheryl A Esplin’s talk, “He Asks Us to Be His Hands”. I created a simple outline for you to use. Just click the… Read more »

A couple weeks ago I saw an idea for ‘General Conference Quote Jars’. A few years ago I found a similar idea that I loved called ‘Conference Preserves’ from Mish Mash Mom. I LOVE the idea of writing/typing your favorite quotes and placing them in a jar to read over the next 6 months. After seeing the ‘Conference Preserve’ ideas, I created my very own and shared them on my blog, here! The idea shared on was to create a jar full… Read more »