Prince of Peace Compassion

The world we live in today is filled with chaos, sorrow, tumult, doubt, distractions, and negativity. We are bombarded with this everywhere we turn. We see chaos and tumult as we read the news, we hear doubt and negativity as we look on social media, and we experience sorrow and distractions in our very own lives. Many of us who are journeying through these troubling times may often wonder, as the hymn says, “where can I turn for peace?” There are times in… Read more »

Principles of Peace Study Card

The Prince of Peace Easter campaign from begins this Sunday, April 9th. Part of the campaign is to focus on eight principles to honor Jesus Christ and find His peace in your life. I created a great countdown activity and journal that you could do as a family, but I decided to also create a simple Prince of Peace Study Card that you could keep beside your bed, in your scriptures, on your fridge, or anywhere really, to help you study… Read more »

Easter Ideas Prince of Peace

Update: The list of principles that I first received were in a different order than what is now on I have fixed my cards, so that they match. 🙂 I am so excited to share my idea and printables for the upcoming #PrinceofPeace campaign  from I am excited for the opportunity to come closer to my Savior, and find peace through Him, as I participate in this wonderful and inspired campaign. I hope you will join me as… Read more »

Hi friends! I’m Marissa from Prickly Pear Design Co., and Sheena so graciously offered to let me guest post today – so here I am! Here in Idaho, we’re finally seeing warmer days filled with sunshine and I’m loving it. Even though it happens every year, Spring brings such a revival. It’s fresh and new and brings a surge of hope as flowers pop through the ground, and the outdoors start to come alive. It seems perfect that we celebrate… Read more »

Tomorrow I will be starting fun week long Easter advent activity. The reason I am doing this advent is because I want my children to really understand why we celebrate Easter and know that we have a Savior, and to learn that because He died for us, we too can be resurrected and live with our family forever! Another reason I chose to do this is because all the printables are already created and ready for me to just print and… Read more »

(This post may contain affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. To read more about affiliate links, take a look at my FAQ page, Here.) Are you as tempted as I am every time I go grocery shopping??? I LOVE Easter candy! All those chocolate eggs, and the chocolate covered marshmallow eggs…mmmm! I happen to know several other ladies that just so happen feel the exact same as I do, so I thought it would be fun to create a… Read more »

It’s almost Easter, and you may have noticed the shelves full of candy at the grocery stores. I am always tempted to grab a bag of chocolate candy every time I go grocery shopping…and sometimes a bag may happen to find its way into my cart. 🙂 The other day I was going to visit a wonderful lady. This lady just so happens to LOVE marshmallow, so I bought some ‘Peeps’ and came up with a cute little tag to… Read more »