Several months ago I shared my Cub Scout binder with all of you. Since then I have had several people ask if I would share my binder cover that I created. I have also had requests for other Cub Scout Binder Covers. Today I am sharing them! YAY! Cub Scout Binder Covers If I have to use a binder, I want it to look nice, so I created these great Cub Scout Binder covers to do the job. I have… Read more »

  Today I am letting you have a peek into my Cub Scout Binder. But before I dive into that I just wanted to say a few things about my calling as a Cub Scout Den Leader.     Last June my husband and I received a call from one of the Bishopric members asking if they could meet with us. I already had 2 callings, so I assumed it was for my husband. The day came that we agreed… Read more »