LDS Sewing Cards

Hi friends! It’s Chrissy from, and I have a printable that the kiddos are gonna love! They are LDS sewing cards, and they are perfect for sacrament meeting, primary, family home evening, or anytime! .One of the biggest struggles we have as moms and primary teachers is keeping the kids quiet and reverent at church, baptisms, or general conference. I mean, kids just weren’t meant to sit still for very long.  Just tonight while we were reading our scriptures,… Read more »

I have a free printable for all of you today, Nursery Leader Bookmarks. These would be great for any Nursery leader. They can use them for their scriptures or for their nursery manual. I love the poem! It helps the nursery leaders remember how important their calling is. Paper & Ribbon is from You can just download and print these out or print out just the poem on cardstock and glue it to some cute scrapbook paper. I handed… Read more »

When my husband and I were first married I received a call from our Bishop asking to meet with us. When we went to our interview we found out it was for me, oh no! He told me that they had a calling for me. They felt that this particular calling would help me prepare for things in my life…. This is what I was thinking: ‘Oh NO! They’re preparing me for kids…they’re putting me in Nursery! NOOOO!!!’ Yep, that… Read more »