CTR Fidget Spinners

Hi! It’s Chrissy from Teepee Girl and I am so excited to share these CTR Fidget Spinners with you! My girls and I have quite the collection of DIY fidget spinners, and we are loving them! They cost pennies to make (literally, ha!), come together pretty quickly, and are a super fun craft project! There are two fidget spinner sizes on the printable. The bigger one is perfect for my 8 & 9-year-old daughters, but is too big for my… Read more »

Activity Days Faith In God Gift Necklace

Hi! It’s Chrissy from Teepee Girl and I am so excited to share this Activity Days/Faith in God gift idea with you! These darling little Activity Day Faith In God Necklaces and cute tie tacks are great for welcoming kids into activity days.  They are also fun and inexpensive gifts when boys and girls complete the Faith in God program. Really, there are so many ways you can use these! My kids also loved helping me make these necklaces and tie tacks (or… Read more »

September Come Follow Me Lesson

My Young Women chapstick handout has been a popular post here on Little LDS Ideas. I created this handout to go along with the September ‘Come Follow Me’ lesson: “How Do the Things I Say Affect Me and Those Around Me”. It’s been 3 years since I first posted this ideas, so I thought it was time for a little update. I have seen this chapstick poem all over Pinterest. It has been used for Activity Days, YW Camp Pillow Treats, and now a YW lesson handout! I… Read more »

(This post contains affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. To read more about affiliate links, take a look at my FAQ page, Here.) May is right around the corner, which means it’s about that time that we celebrate those wonderful women in our lives. A couple weeks ago I was trying to come up with a new Mother’s Day gift idea. You see a lot of candy/chocolate gifts (no complaint here with that one) flower gift ideas, coupon books, etc. I wanted… Read more »

(This post contains affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. To read more about affiliate links, take a look at my FAQ page, Here.) . Every 2nd Sunday of the month is ‘Faith in God’ Sunday for our Senior Primary children. What that means is we challenge each of the children (8 years +) to complete 1 Faith In God requirement before the end of the month. You can read more about Faith in God Sunday and even print out… Read more »

When we lived in Hawaii, I was the Activity Day leader. I LOVED that calling! One of the activities that we did was about the Sacrament. In the Faith in God booklet for girls, under “Learning and Living the Gospel,” there is an activity about the Sacrament. Here’s what it says: “Explain how taking the sacrament helps you renew your baptismal covenant. In a family home evening, teach others about things we can do to remain faithful.” As I saw… Read more »

One of my favorite callings, that I’ve had so far, is Activity Days. I served in that calling while we lived in Hawaii, and I loved it! The girls that were in the Primary were so sweet. I have some great memories serving those amazing girls. I haven’t been in Activity Days since then, but my daughter is turning 8 next year, and I have 2 more daughters after that…so I’m hoping that eventually I’ll be back in there. 🙂 Today… Read more »

I have a great activity for those of you in Activity Days and even Young Women’s.  When I was the Activity Day Leader I decided to do a Mother/Daughter activity on budgeting. The activity turned out great and the girls had a blast (and the Mothers did too)! For this activity the girls will get a little glimpse of how important budgeting is. They will receive a paycheck and then have to fill out a budget and be tested on… Read more »

 So, today I am going to share an idea for Activity Days. After I did this I actually shared it on Sugardoodle, so you can find this on that site also. While living in Hawaii, I had heard people (from the ward) saying that they were having a hard time finding people to clean the church. So, I thought of a way to clean the church, but have a good time doing it. I made up a list of different… Read more »

When I was in Young Women, I remember going and ‘Heart Attacking ward members houses (usually sick members that didn’t get to come to church every week). We loved it, and I know the ward members did also. We always got red, pink, and white poster board and cut out big hearts. We wrote little messages on them and then taped them to skewers, this way we could stick the hearts in the ground in their front yards (I grew up… Read more »