CTR Fidget Spinners

Hi! It’s Chrissy from Teepee Girl and I am so excited to share these CTR Fidget Spinners with you! My girls and I have quite the collection of DIY fidget spinners, and we are loving them! They cost pennies to make (literally, ha!), come together pretty quickly, and are a super fun craft project! There are two fidget spinner sizes on the printable. The bigger one is perfect for my 8 & 9-year-old daughters, but is too big for my… Read more »

Activity Days Faith In God Gift Necklace

Hi! It’s Chrissy from Teepee Girl and I am so excited to share this Activity Days/Faith in God gift idea with you! These darling little Activity Day Faith In God Necklaces and cute tie tacks are great for welcoming kids into activity days.  They are also fun and inexpensive gifts when boys and girls complete the Faith in God program. Really, there are so many ways you can use these! My kids also loved helping me make these necklaces and tie tacks (or… Read more »

At the beginning of the year we like to have a ‘Meet the Teacher’ breakfast for all the Primary children and teachers. This is a great time for the children to see who their teachers will be for the new year, and be able to get to know them a little bit. We typically like to have it the first Saturday in January, so the children will know who there teacher is the next day. But it’s sometimes difficult to… Read more »

Well, it’s Back to School time and Primary Quarterly Activity time. A few months ago our Primary Presidency brought up what we were going to be doing for our next Quarterly Activity, I was completely blank. So, I asked if anyone had any themes/topics they would like to focus on. Our Primary President asked if we could do something on Service. So, I went to work…. I got the idea from a past Activity Day activity I did while I… Read more »

UPDATE: I still had people having problems using google docs, so I decided to move my files somewhere else. So try the new link out and let me know if you’re still having problems downloading/viewing the files. Thanks!! When I got called to be the 2nd Counselor in our Primary Presidency I really didn’t know what to expect, I had never been in a Primary Presidency. At our first meeting, the Primary President let us choose what we wanted to… Read more »

I meant to post this idea at the beginning of summer, but completely forgot. Maybe it’s because we haven’t had much of a summer here in Hailey. It’s just started warming up….sad, huh? I have really been enjoying the summer weather though, I hope all of you have too. Today I am going to share a great summer Quarterly Activity with you. We actually did this last year for one of our activities and it was alot of fun. We… Read more »

We just had another Primary Activity last Friday. We decided to do a Primary Talent Show, and it went really well. We had quite a few children participate, and their performances were great!While preparing for this activity, I came up with a few different ideas that you could use if you decide to do this. While getting some information together, I thought it would be kind of fun if we made it like a movie theater. The children and their… Read more »

Whenever I prepare for an upcoming quarterly activity, I always call my older sister to see what she thinks. I don’t know what it is, but my brain really starts working if I have someone to talk about with. I have now been in the Primary Presidency for almost 2 years, so she has heard quite a few of my ideas. We recently talked about making a Primary Quarterly Acivity Book. But I always felt that maybe it would be… Read more »