2017 Primary Program Printables

Wow! Life has been absolutely crazy for my family and I the last month or so (which explains my lack of Sharing Time posts). I have received a few emails asking if/when I would be posting invites and program covers for the upcoming 2017 Primary Program. Well, today I am finally posting my 2017 LDS Primary Program Printables! I hope you like what I have created. In this kit you will find my 2017 LDS Primary Program Save the Date… Read more »

2017 Primary Program Outlines

Hello again! This is Shannon, Sheena’s sister. I was recently released from the Primary Presidency in my ward because our President accepted a job and moved. A few short weeks before I was released I finished writing our 2017 Primary Program! Sigh…actually this deserves a big sigh! Anyone who has written a Primary Program knows that many hours go into praying and thinking and writing, and then some more praying, thinking, and writing. But my loss is your gain. I… Read more »

September is right around the corner, which means many of you are preparing for your annual LDS Children’s Primary Program. I love that one Sunday of the year that we get to listen to the children sing and speak about what they learned throughout the year. There is such a special spirit during the Sacrament Meeting program. Last year I shared a program cover and some invites that many of you used. Today I finished up this year’s Primary Program… Read more »

Yesterday I finally finished writing our Ward’s Primary Program Script. This is the first time I have ever had to write the script, and I was quite nervous about it. I wanted to make sure that the Spirit is felt during the Program and that it flowed well, and, well….PERFECT! I finally realized that no matter what you do for a Primary Program, it’s usually amazing. All those adorable children saying their parts, and the wonderful musical numbers…how could you… Read more »

Several weeks ago I shared my Primary Program ‘Save the Date’ cards, and some Primary Program Invitations. Today I am sharing my Primary Program Covers! I have 2 options for you to choose from. One is a generic program with ‘Primary 2015’ at the bottom. The other option can be personalized a little by adding your ward’s name (pictured above).

It’s almost August, so that means it’s Primary Program time! Last night I began working on our script for this year’s program (I’ll be sure to share once it’s done). But as I was sitting at my desk thinking about the program, a thought came to me. How many times do you hand out parts only to find out that someone will be gone that week? It’s not a big deal, but I’m sure some children would hate to miss… Read more »

As we begin practicing in the Chapel we try to come up with some kind of game to encourage reverence during the practices. We’ve tried a Reverence-O-meter, a game board, but the last two years we have used Football as our game. We begin by explaining the ‘Rules’ of the game. Here are our rules for this year. Then we show them our Football field. I did it a little different this year. I started with a football in the… Read more »

The last 3 years we have had a Primary Program Pizza Party the Friday or Saturday before our program. The children work so hard, so it’s nice to reward them with a little party. 🙂 But we don’t just give them a pizza party….we make them earn it. Yep, we are so mean. 🙂 . We really encourage the children to memorize their parts, so we don’t have to read it to them during the Program. So, we came up… Read more »