General Conference Quote Jar

A couple weeks ago I saw an idea for ‘General Conference Quote Jars’. A few years ago I found a similar idea that I loved called ‘Conference Preserves’ from Mish Mash Mom. I LOVE the idea of writing/typing your favorite quotes and placing them in a jar to read over the next 6 months. After seeing the ‘Conference Preserve’ ideas, I created my very own and shared them on my blog, here! The idea shared on was to create a jar full… Read more »


I am so excited to show you my idea for the February Visiting Teaching Message. When I read the message, Elder Bednar’s quote to be exact, I knew I wanted to do something with a triangle. I LOVED his quote and how he compared marriage to a triangle. After thinking about it for a little while, this is what I came up with! I decided to create a triangle treat box, cute, huh? This treat box is super simple to make, promise!… Read more »

Lip Balm Birthday Gift Idea for Primary, RS, YW, and friends!

We figured out what to give to the Primary children for their birthdays, but what about those great teachers that serve in the Primary? Or what about the Relief Society sisters in your ward or those amazing Young Women? Maybe you just need a cute gift idea for a good friend…today I am sharing a great little printable that is quick and easy, but would make a great Birthday Gift for anyone! **UPDATE: I promise I do know how to… Read more »