April 2017 Week 4 Sharing Time Idea

Sharing Time Idea from the 2017 Outline Encourage understanding (singing a song and making choices): Sing “I Feel My Savior’s Love” (CS, 74–75). Write several case studies that illustrate how a child could follow one of Christ’s teachings. Also include a scripture reference where that teaching can be found. Below are some examples. • Sara had asked her younger sister not to use her crayons, but her sister used them anyway. To be like Jesus, Sara could: a. Get angry… Read more »

April 2017 Sharing Time Idea Jesus Christ is the Perfect Example

Sharing Time Idea from the 2017 Outline Encourage understanding (reading scriptures and drawing pictures): On a large piece of paper write the phrase, “Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.” Cut the paper into four simple puzzle pieces. Write one of the following sentences on the back of each puzzle piece: • He showed us the way to be baptized (see Matthew 3:13-17). • He showed love for others (see Mark 10:13-16). • He forgave those who hurt Him (see Luke 23:34). • He showed us… Read more »

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2015 Outline Encourage understanding: On the board write two lists in random order—one list of scriptures in which Jesus sets an example for us to follow and one of songs related to these scriptures. Divide the children into groups. Give each group a picture showing one of the scriptural events you have listed. Tell each group to match their picture to both a scripture and a song from the board. Have one group at a… Read more »

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE(acting out a story): Tell the following story, and invite the children to act it out with you: “You were camping in the mountains with your family when a huge snowstorm hit (shiver). You couldn’t see the trail back to your campsite (hold hand over eyes, searching). Then your father came, wearing big, heavy boots (walk in place). He said, ‘I know the way! Follow me!’ Father made big footprints in the snow for you to follow.” Explain… Read more »

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2014 Outline IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (following an example): Clap a simple rhythm and invite the children to repeat it, following your example. Discuss what an example is. Explain that prophets in the scriptures are examples for us to follow. ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION (reading scriptures): Divide the children into groups. Give an adult in each group one of the following wordstrips, and ask them to read the scriptures listed on their wordstrip to the  children in their… Read more »

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (discussing examples): Ask, “Who has set a good example for us?” Write or have a child write responses, including Jesus Christ, on the board. Explain that all of these people set good examples for us, but only Jesus set the perfect example. Tell the children that He “went about doing good” (Acts 10:38) and showed His love by serving others, and He wants us to follow His example. ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (hearing stories and drawing pictures):Before Primary, ask four… Read more »

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2013 Primary Outline INDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (singing a song): Sing together “Do As I’m Doing” (CS, 276) several times, inviting different children to choose the action to perform. Explain that when we follow the actions of someone else, we are following his or her example. Ask who set the perfect example for us to follow (Jesus Christ). Invite the children to say together, “Jesus Christ set an example for us.” ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (reading scriptures): Place pictures of… Read more »

Sharing Time Ideas from Primary 2012 Outline IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing an object lesson): Before Primary, build a structure with blocks, and cover it so the children cannot see it.  (If blocks are not available, you could draw a picture on chalkboard and cover the drawing with a piece of paper).  Describe the hidden structure and how you built it.  Then give a few children some blocks and ask them to try to build a structure that matches what you built. … Read more »

Sharing Time Idea from the 2012 Primary Outline ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (playing a memory game and reading the scriptures): Display pictures of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus and a child being baptized.  Let the children look at the pictures for 20 seconds.  Then cover the pictures and ask the children to tell you as many things as they can that are the same in the two pictures.  You may want to list their answers on the board. Ask the children to read Doctrine… Read more »

Sharing Time Idea from 2011 Primary Outline IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (following examples): Sing “Do as I’m doing” (CS, 276) and ask the children to follow you as you do several simple actions, such as clapping your hands, stretching your arms above your head, or marching in place. Ask the children to name some things they have learned by following someone’s example (for example, how to make a bed or play a game). Write on the board, “Jesus Christ is the perfect… Read more »