Sharing Time Idea from the 2016 Outline Introduce the doctrine: Write the following on the board: “Families are central to Heavenly Father’s plan.” Discuss what this sentence means. Erase the sentence. Say the first two words, and ask the children to repeat them. Then say the first four words, and ask the children to repeat them. Continue until the children can repeat the entire sentence. Encourage understanding: Ask several children in advance to represent families from the scriptures. Provide several clues about… Read more »

Sharing Time Idea from 2014 Sharing Time Outline IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE(memorizing a scripture): Write on the board “If ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true.” Have the children read it aloud together several times, and then erase all but the first letter of each word. Ask the children to recite it again. Erase the letters one at a time until the children can repeat the scripture from memory. ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING(hearing a scripture story):… Read more »

    Sharing Time Ideas from the 2014 Outline IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (answering questions): Ask the children to flex their arm muscles and show their physical strength. Ask what they can do to get stronger physically. Hold up your scriptures and explain that our spirits can get stronger as we read the scriptures. Ask the children to say “scripture study” each time you raise your scriptures. Ask a few questions that can be answered with this phrase, such as “What can help… Read more »

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2014 Outline IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE(seeing pictures and reciting a scripture): Show a picture of Jesus Christ, and tell the children that He taught, “Pray in your families unto the Father . . . that your [families] may be blessed” (3 Nephi 18:21). Repeat this scripture with the children a few times. Show a picture of a family praying, and discuss the picture with the children. Explain that in family prayer, we thank Heavenly Father for… Read more »

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2014 Outline IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE(singing a song): Ask the children to listen for something that blesses their family as you sing the second verse of “Love Is Spoken Here” (CS, 190–91) together. Explain that priesthood ordinances can bless and strengthen all families. ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING(discussing pictures): Divide the children into groups and give each group a picture of a priesthood ordinance. Ask each group to think of some clues that would help others guess the ordinance… Read more »

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2014 Outline IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE(singing): Ask the children to think of their favorite Primary song. Tell them that when you count to three they should all stand and sing their song at the same time. Count to three and let them sing. Stop the singing, and have the music leader lead them all in one song. Point out that without the music leader to lead them, there was confusion. Explain that we would have confusion… Read more »

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2013 Outline IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE AND ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (seeing an object lesson): Have a child hold a bundle of sticks. Explain that the sticks represent members of a family. Write “family prayer,” “family scripture study,” and “family home evening” on three strips of paper. Ask the children how these activities strengthen or help hold families together. Invite children to wrap the papers around the sticks. Explain that these activities invite the Spirit into our homes and… Read more »