February 2017 Sharing Time Idea

Sharing Time Idea from the 2017 Outline Encourage understanding (reading scriptures, coloring, and using puppets): Read with the children the following accounts of how Jesus’s disciples chose the right: Luke 10:38–42 (Mary); Matthew 4:18–20 (Peter and Andrew); Acts 9:1–9, 17–20 (Paul). Discuss some of the blessings these people received for choosing the right. Draw some simple figures for each child (or use the scripture figures in “Funstuf,” Friend, Jan. 2006, 35; and “Funstuf,” Friend, Feb. 2006, 31). Let the children color the drawings, cut them out, and make them into stick puppets… Read more »

January 2017 Sharing Time Ideas

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2017 Outline Identify the doctrine (seeing and discussing an object lesson): Show the children a container of many different colors of crayons. Show them a second container with only one color. Ask the children: “If you were going to color a picture, which of these containers of crayons would you want to use? Why?” Explain that having a variety of choices is a blessing. Testify that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us and They want us to… Read more »

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2016 Outline Introduce the doctrine: Before Primary, write the sixth article of faith on the board. Ask the children to close their eyes. Tell them that after Jesus Christ died, the people became wicked and His gospel and priesthood were taken from the earth. Explain that this was called the Apostasy, and the people were in spiritual darkness—like having their eyes closed spiritually—until Jesus restored His Church through Joseph Smith. Hold up a picture of the First Vision, and tell… Read more »

January has 5 Sundays this year, so that means an extra Sharing Time lesson. But if you take a look in the Sharing Time Outline you’ll see that there isn’t an idea for that week, so what does that mean? Here is the answer to that question according to LDS.org: “When there is a fifth Sunday, use this time to review previous lessons” (2014 Outline for Sharing Time, inside front cover). That means that you might be in need of some… Read more »

For Primary we usually have a Sharing Time idea outlined for us in the Primary Sharing Time outline, but what about those 5th Sundays? I’ve heard all kinds of different ideas…YM/YW teach, a special Singing Time to review Program songs, special topic Sharing Time, etc. But 5th Sundays are also a great time to review what was taught during the month. Obviously you can’t just get up and talk about the past 4 weeks, right? Today I am sharing a… Read more »

A long time ago I shared a game I used for Sharing Time. It’s been a few years and it’s a little outdated. I recently shared this game on Jedi Craft Girl, and decided to freshen it up a little bit. Today I am sharing the updated version. Hope you like it! Today I am sharing my updated Service Cranium game. I have used my Service Cranium game for Sharing Time, but would be great for Family Home Evening as well…. Read more »

Sunday is a 5th Sunday. In our ward the YM/YW usually teach Sharing Time, so that the primary workers can go to the 5th Sunday lesson. This time the YM are in charge, and since my husband happens to be the YM’s President, guess who gets to prepare the Sharing Time lesson….ME! I decided to keep it simple and do a review of this month’s Sharing Time lessons, but add a fun twist. Today I am sharing a game I’m… Read more »

Sharing Time Idea from the 2014 Outline IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing a reflection): Hold a mirror in front of a few children, and let them describe what they see (eyes, ears, mouth, and so on). Explain that what they saw was an “image” of themselves. Have the children listen for whose image we were created in as someone reads Genesis 1:27. Explain that God has eyes, ears, a mouth, and so on, and that is why we do too. (For younger children,… Read more »