A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to listen to General Conference. I love General Conference! Don’t you?
A few conferences ago I decided to create a printable to help me study the conference talks. I shared the printable on my blog, and found that many of you enjoyed the printable as well. YAY!


How It Works:

On the left side of the study sheet I have all the talks separated into categories. On the right side of the sheet is calendar with months (May-Sept.) and weeks, 22 weeks to be exact. Beginning in May you will pick a category (or two) and write it on the ‘week 1’ line. That week you will study the talk(s) from that specific category. At the end of the week you can review the talks with a friend or spouse and then choose what next week’s topic will be and write it in the ‘Week 2’ space.


I have 2 color options (Coral and a blue/mint). But I also have a Blank Calendar option this time.
If you want to start a little early you can! With the blank sheets you can write in your own months, weeks, dates, etc.
If you’d like to print out your own ’22 Weeks of General Conference’ printable, then click the links below!
Click HERE to print the Mint!
Click HERE to print the Blank Mint!
Click HERE to print the Coral!
Click HERE to print the Blank Coral!
Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy reading the Conference talks.
Have a wonderful day!