Just 3 more days until General Conference.
How are you preparing for conference this year?
Here’s an idea that you could use.
There is a great article in this month’s Ensign.

Sis. Cheryl Burr shared how her family prepares for General Conference.
She said that years ago her family decided that they wanted to make general conference more meaningful. They talked about how important is was to watch general conference with clear minds and rested bodies. They decided to set a goal not to plan anything extra for a few days before conference or during conference weekend.
She says, “We found that our younger children wanted to be part of general conference. I think it was because we talked about the importance of conference over and over throughout the week before.”
They have continued to stick to their goal conference after conference because of the effect it had on their family and the spirit in their home.

When I read this article I loved this idea.
I think life gets a little too hectic sometimes and when conference comes around we don’t have time to calm down and be ready spiritually or mentally.
I am going to give this a try and see what a difference it makes.

How are you preparing for General Conference? Do you have some fun activities planned? Any traditions? 
I’d love to hear them!


2 thoughts on “{General Conference} “Clearing Our Calendar for Conference”

  1. Anonymous

    Living in a country where you had to choose to either watch conference in english with video, or listen to conference in our own language (withougt video). We decided to gather as a family and listen in order to give the children a chance to participate. But looking at a black screen quickly gets boring, so years ago I started to look for jigsaw puzzles with appropriate art. We have made some or Greg Olsen’s art and other beautiful jigsaws. A jigsaw of 500-1000 pieces seem right for a conference weekend, and if we don’t finish it up during the weekend the puzzle will remind us of conference everytime you get by to put a piece in order.
    The family is gathered around one activity, reverence is easily acquired and we have art loaded with good feelings. We love it.

    Thanks for all your good ideas.

    Eva Grand


  2. Sheena

    I love this idea Eva. And I love as you finished it, even after conference, it reminded you of the messages and Spirit of conference. I’ll have to remember this idea. Thanks!


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