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**I have updated the files that needed it. 🙂 So now you can use these for April 2016.

Are you ready for a fun family General Conference activity? Alright…me too.
The idea I am sharing today is something I call ‘General Conference Sundaes’.
Your whole family will be participating in different activities throughout conference to try to earn points.
What are the points for???
Well, that’s where the ‘sundae’ comes in.
After the final session of conference your family will all sit down together and tally up their scores. The points that you earn will go toward toppings for your Sundae!
A few weeks ago I was trying to think of an activity that we could do during conference to help our children listen better, that’s when I came up with ‘General Conference Sundaes’.

General Conference Sundaes

 Here’s a brief explanation:

Your family will be completing different activities/tasks throughout conference to earn points.
Listening to sessions of Conference(points awarded for each session)
Taking Notes
Doing Conference Worksheets
or anything else you can think of!
The points that they earn will go towards toppings for their ‘General Conference Sundae’.
At the end of conference your family will have a ‘General Conference Sundae’ party which will include ice cream and lots of toppings. In order to get toppings for your sundae you and your family will have to use points to ‘bid’ on the toppings.
Today I am sharing 6 {six} fun worksheets that your children (old & young) can use during Conference. 

I will also explain a little bit more how we plan on doing our ‘General Conference Sundae’ activity.

Before Conference we will have a special Family Home Evening all about Conference. We will discuss what will happen and why it’s important to listen. I plan on explaining our activity that night as well. I will show our children the different activity sheets that they can use while watching conference.
Then we will explain that this conference we are going to be having a fun activity. I will let my children know that we will be earning points for a fun Ice Cream Sundae party on Sunday after General Conference is over. BUT in order to get different toppings for our sundaes we will need to do different things to earn points.
You can discuss toppings as a family or surprise them and come up with your own.
I will award points for anyone being reverent, and for watching sessions of Conference. I am going to have my son draw pictures of the speakers that he listens to and write topics/words from those talks.
For my daughter I will have her also draw pictures of the speakers and then have her draw pictures of words that she hears during the talks: ie. Family, Pray, Scriptures, etc.
I also have some worksheets that they can use throughout conference. Here is what I came up with:
Conference {Picture} Word Find

This worksheet is for small children that may not be able to read yet {older children can do this too if they want}.

On this sheet there are 12 different topics that may be discussed during Conference. Give your children the Conference Word Find sheet and a package of small stickers (small dots, starts, etc). As they listen to conference have them listen for the words on the sheet. Each time they hear a word have them place a stick inside of that circle.
At the end of Conference I will count how many stickers there are and that will be the amount of points they receive for that activity.
Conference Word Find

My oldest daughter is in Kindergarten and loves to read. She’s just beginning, but she absolutely loves it. Since she is beginning to read she has discovered that she loves Word Searches. I decided to create 2 {two} word searches for her to do during Conference.
You can do the word searches 2 ways:
1.) Have them find each of the words listed.
2.) Have them listen during Conference for the words listed. As they hear the words have them find it in the Word Search.
At the end of Conference I will award points for each word that was found.
Conference Questions

Click HERE to print out my Conference Questions.

This sheet has several different questions regarding Conference. As your children watch Conference have them answer the different questions. There are questions about the speakers that they will need to listen to to answer. There is also a question about how many men vs. women spoke during conference. Have your children write tally marks for each person that speaks. At the end of Conference compare the tally marks.
I will award points for the number of questions that were answered.

I have updated my ‘Conference Questions’ sheet for April 2016. Take a look at it HERE!


Conference I Spy


Click HERE to print out my Conference I Spy. 
Click HERE for another Conference I Spy sheet.
I love how this sheet turned out, and I am pretty sure my kiddos will love it! My kids love anything ‘I Spy,’ so when I had the idea of doing a Conference I Spy I knew it would be a hit.
On the sheet you will see lots of things to spy as well as check-boxes. As your children watch conference have them keep an eye out for the things listed on the sheet.
For the things in all caps {5 ELDERS; PRIMARY} they will have to find the word that is in all caps.
If they need to find more than one object {2 pairs of glasses} there is a check box for each item. Have them find the objects and check as they find each one.
At the end of Conference I will awards points for the amount of objects that were seen.

I have updated my I Spy sheets for April 2016! Take a look at them HERE!


Adult/Youth Conference Word Search

Click HERE to print out my Conference Word Search.
For those that are older I have created a BIG word search. There are 50 words in this word search! As you listen to conference find the words that you hear.

We actually did this last conference for the Youth in our Ward. I think they really enjoyed it. Towards the end we ended up just finding whatever words we could.
I have also provided an answer key. With a word search this big you will need an answer key.
Now for the Sundaes!
After Conference we will review some things that we heard during Conference, ask if anyone remembers a particular talk, favorite talk, etc., and we’ll remind them how important it is to listen to Conference. After that we’ll tally up the points that we have earned over the last 2 days. I will have a score sheet for each member so they can keep track of their points. Here is a pic of the score sheets I created:

Discuss with your children how they can earn points: being reverent, watching conference (points per session), doing worksheets, answering questions, etc.

Once everyone has their total score the bidding will begin!

I’m not sure how many toppings we’ll have, but we’ll have several different kinds. We will even have some ‘Mystery Toppings’. A mystery topping will be a topping that no one knows what it is. They will bid on it blindly! These may be kind of silly toppings just for fun.
After the bidding we’ll create our Sundaes and sit down and enjoy our hard earned work. 🙂

I hope you enjoy my Conference Sundae idea and use it with your family. If I come up with another I Spy sheet I will be sure to share it.
I would love to hear what you plan on doing for General Conference, so leave me a comment letting me know.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great day!


20 thoughts on “{General Conference} Conference Sundae Activity with Free Printables

  1. Kirstylee @ Moms Have Questions Too

    This is so cute! My five year old is not in the preschool stage any more and I really want him to start listening to some of Conference instead of just doing Conference packets the whole time. This will be a great way to motivate him! 🙂

  2. The Parks'

    I agree with everyone! You are so talented and so kind to share! Thank you thank you! I’m not in primary anymore but my kids brought your “Conference I Spy” activity handouts home and I am so thrilled to use them. I’m now in charge of our ward’s Newsletter. Would you mind if I upload your file to go under our primary tab? I will give you credit, of course!

  3. Anonymous

    Could you explain the bidding process a little bit more. For example, once some bids for hot fudge no one else gets it?

  4. Jen

    I love your “I Spy” sheet! You are so very creative! Would you be willing to remove the apostrophe from the second sentence? (It should be ELDERs.) I love all you have done. Way to go and thank you so much! You are amazing.

  5. Corinne

    Thanks so much for sharing these. I love all of your ideas and we are definitely doing the sundaes! I think my kids will LOVE the I spy sheet.

  6. Audrey Slade

    My husband and I were coming up with new ideas for conference this year and one idea we had was similar to your Sundae idea. Our version was this: We’ll play Conference Bingo, and then the kids can choose one item to add to their milkshake/smoothie for each bingo they get. We’ll make the smoothies after that session of conference.

  7. Cailin Temple

    Love, love, love it. Any chance you’ll make an updated version for this upcoming general conference?

    1. littleldsideas Post author

      Thanks, Cailin! I have updated my ‘General Conference I Spy Sheets’ and my ‘Conference Questions’. I added links to them on the post or just go to the home page on my blog and scroll down and you’ll see them. 🙂 Thanks!

  8. Melissa

    These are so sweet and a life saver, thank you! Just a heads up that I couldn’t get the children’s word search to appear when i tried to print it. Everything else printed fine 🙂

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