Several years ago I shared some LDS Apostle Cards and a General Conference Go Fish game idea. Many of you have enjoyed my cards as well as the game idea, but I haven’t updated them in awhile. A few of you have requested an update, so I decided to do it. 🙂

Instead of just adding the 3 new apostles, I went ahead and re-did all of the cards. Today I am sharing my updated LDS Apostle Cards.
LDS Apostle Cards

Here’s a peek at what the cards look like. There are 4 sheets or 15 cards plus 2 pages of card backs (optional).


General Conference Go Fish!

First you will need to print out my LDS Apostle Cards (link at bottom of post). You can print out the apostle cards and 4 sheets of backs and glue them together OR you can print them ‘Front/Back’ using the printer setting on your printer. The first page of cards has a short description at the top, so the apostle cards are a little lower on the paper. If you choose to print using the front/back setting, be sure to print the first page of cards with the first page of backs. Then for the rest of the cards use the second page of backs. Make sense? I sure hope so. 🙂

For Go Fish you will actually need 4 sets of the LDS Apostle Cards, so print, print, print until you have 4 of each Apostle. Once you have them all printed you can choose to laminate them or leave them as-is. Now let’s play!

You will have 60 cards total in your deck. Hand each player 5 cards each, and leave the rest in a stack in the middle. Choose who will go first, and then have them ask another player if they have a specific apostle (‘Do you have President Monson?’). Just make sure the person asking has at least one of the cards that they are asking for.

If the person has any cards that were asked about, they will then hand them over to the person asking. If the person has none, they say “go fish”, and the first play then draws a card from the card pile and adds it to their hand. Then it is the next player’s turn – unless the person drew the card he/she asked for, in which case they show it to the other players, and they gets another turn. When any player at any time has all four cards of an apostle, it forms a match, and the cards must be placed face up in front of that player.

When all sets of cards have been laid down in matches, the game ends. The player with the most matches wins!



‘Find the Prophet’ aka:Old Maid

For this game you will once again need 4 sets of cards (minus 3 of the President Monson cards; there should only be one). If you only have 2-3 players you could use 2 sets instead of 4. Shuffle and then deal all the cards to each player.

Decide who will go first, and have the person choose one player to take a card from. Make sure that no one can see each other’s cards. Play continues by everyone taking turns and choosing a card from someone else’s hand. As players find matches (matches of 2 or 4) in their hand, they lay them down onto the table.
Each player is trying to get rid of his cards as fast as possible. With ‘Old Maid’ the player left holding the ‘Old Maid’, loses. In ‘Find the Prophet’, the last person holding ‘President Monson’ WINS!


LDS Apostle Flash Cards

My Apostle cards are also great for flash cards. Simply print and then try to memorize each of the Apostles. You could also punch a hole in the top corner and place them on a ring. Click the link below to download/print. It’s a pretty big file, so it may take a little longer. 🙂




What would you use my Apostle Cards for? I would love to hear, so be sure to leave me a comment letting me know.

Thanks so much or stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful General Conference weekend.


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