Does your ward have an annual Trunk-Or-Treat Halloween activity? Last year I was asked to create a Trunk-Or-Treat Invitation for our ward. I loved how it turned out, but I ended up not sharing it on here because I finished it a week before Halloween. I decided that I would just share it this year. Well, I ended up forgetting about it until I saw someone ask about Trunk-Or-Treat Invitations. So today I am sharing my Trunk-Or-Treat Invitation with you!

Trunk-Or-Treat Invitation Printable

These invites can be printed at home on cardstock or sent to your favorite printing place. I had them sent to a local printer and had them printed onto cardstock. They turned out great!


Trunk-Or-Treat Invitation

Let’s talk a little bit about editing these invites. For my invites I always upload them as JPG files, so that you can download them and open them in Word, Canva, or another editing type program. Having it as a JPG file allows you to open it and then add text on top of the invitation image. I Think Canva is the easiest way to edit these printables, and I even have a great tutorial to help make it a little easier, HERE.

 You can find a tutorial video for Microsoft Word, HERE and another tutorial for editing on a Mac, HERE.


How to Download

To download, you will first click the download link below. A new screen will pop up with the invitation. You will then right click on the invitation and click “Save As” (Sometimes you will see a “Download” button at the bottom of the screen). Once you have saved the invite to your computer you will be able to open it (or insert it) into the program of your choice.

If you’d like to use the same font that I used for the information on mine, you can download the font for free, HERE. It is called Champagne and Limousine, and is one of my favorite fonts. Another great choice would be Montserrat Light, which can be downloaded HERE.

As usual, I am sharing my blank invitation for free for anyone that wants to edit it for free. If you would like me to customize the invite for you (add text or change the size), you can head on over to my Etsy shop and purchase a custom invite there. You’ll just let me know what info you need added, I’ll enter it all in, and then email you the finished invite. Visit my Etsy shop, HERE.


Trunk or Treat Invitation


Click HERE to download my FREE blank Trunk-Or-Treat Invitation!


I hope you enjoy my Trunk-Or-Treat Invitation and use it for your upcoming Ward activity. I would love to know if you do, so leave me a comment letting me know. I’d also love to know your favorite trunk decoration…I am in need of ideas. 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day.

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