Simple Service Note Card Printables | LDS Young Women | LDS Activity Day Girls Group Service Projects | Free Printable

Hello friends! It’s Marissa from Prickly Pear Design Co. I’m excited to share these simple service ideas and printable notecards with you (and a bonus treat container!) today and hope that it provides you a simple way to say thank you to others! These printables can help pull together a last minute mutual night for your Young Women group or make a great service project for Activity Day Girls or even a Family Home Evening.

Recently, I got to thinking about saying thank you to those that provide meaningful impact in our lives and the lives of others. I too often overlook the small acts of service that occur every day and often focus on the large, more noticeable service that happens around me.

But saying thank you shouldn’t have to take a ton of time or be complicated. In fact sometimes it’s the little things that catch us off guard that mean the most. So I got to work and created a few little note cards and brainstormed a few ideas on who and how to show gratitude to those we may not usually think of thanking.

Simple Service Note Card Printables | LDS Young Women | LDS Activity Day Girls Group Service Projects | Free Printable

Who to Thank: Temple Patrons & Temple Workers

Why: they sacrifice their time to serve those who are in need of saving ordinances

What to do: Print off a handful of notecards and have your girls write notes and sign them from your ward Young Women or Activity Day Girls group. Then go to the temple parking lot, and stick the cards under the windshield wipers of cars parked in the lot.

Extra mile: Gather up a few cleaning supplies and have your group clean the windshields of the cars before they leave their note.

Simple Service Note Card Printables | LDS Young Women | LDS Activity Day Girls Group Service Projects | Free Printable

Who to Thank: The Bishop & His Counselors, Ward Council, or even the Young Men in your ward

Why: they spend extra hours serving and planning activities, fulfill leadership roles, and the Young Men work to bless the sacrament, collect fast offerings and fulfill their priesthood duties such as home teaching, etc.

What to do: Use the printable note cards or have your group design their own – discuss ways that the Bishop, his counselors, and the ward council may serve the ward that your Young Women may not have known of or thought much about ( tithing settlement, recommend interviews, reviewing callings and taking care of tithing after church every week, fulfilling welfare needs and tending to the sick, elderly, and those in need, etc.)

I recently saw a post about a Young Men’s group on social media who planned and executed a night honoring the Young Women in their ward. I loved the idea of the Young Men serving and making the Young Women feel special and thought how much it might mean if a group of Young Women decided to acknowledge the Young Men for the many things they do each week to fulfill their priesthood duties.

*The bonus treat container may come in handy for this service project and are the perfect size to hold 2-3 medium sized cookies or be stuffed with a few mini candy bars.

Get the Simple Service Note Cards Here

Printing Tips

  • Print these on your home color printer or send them to your local copy shop.
  • I recommend using the highest print settings and printing on bright white cardstock.

I’d love to hear or see how you use the Simple Service Note Cards – leave a comment below or snap a picture and tag me on Instagram.

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Thanks so much for stopping by. I would love to hear if you use my Simple Service Note Cards, so leave a comment letting me know. Have a great day!

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