Do your Young Women girls need a little ‘bribing’ to get them to finish off some Personal Progress? Some type of treat usually does the trick, so today I am sharing these fun Personal Progress Gum Tags that are a perfect reward for those girls that have worked hard on their Personal Progress!

I grabbed a few packs of gum, and wrapped them with some cute scrapbook paper I had. To finish it off, I added a cute little tag (printable below) and some curly ribbon.
These are so quick to put together, and would be great to keep in your YW closet. Once a month or every other month, ask who has worked on their Personal Progress. Anyone who has, can share something they have worked on and completed, and then can be rewarded with this fun ‘Gum’ treat!
Click the link below to print out my Personal Progress Gum Tags. I printed mine onto cardstock and then used a circle punch, but you can easily cut each circle out by hand if needed. 🙂
I hope you enjoy my Personal Progress Gum tags! What do you do to reward the girls for completing Personal Progress? I would love to hear.
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