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During the month of February everyone is thinking of LOVE….and candy (I hope I’m not the only one).  I had so much fun creating my Visiting Teaching idea this month, that I thought I would use the same idea for a great Personal Progress idea! AND since Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday this year, this would make an awesome Valentine to pass out to your YW. It’s yummy but it will also motivate them, hopefully, to complete some Personal Progress experiences. Are you ready to take a look at what I have in mind? Just keep on reading!

February YW Personal Progress

February is a great month to focus on love, so I read through the Personal Progress booklet and chose some experiences that had to do with love well…in a way. There weren’t a whole lot of experiences focused exactly on ‘LOVE’, but I chose experiences that talked about LOVE for our Savior, LOVE for ourselves, LOVE for others, and the LOVE that our Savior has for us. But I didn’t want to just print out a list and say ‘Here you go…do these’. If you’re like me, chocolate always motivates me. 🙂 So I decided to create some fun little labels that you could attach to the bottom of Hershey Kisses! I’m calling them ‘Personal Progress Kisses’.


Here’s How I Created My Personal Progress Kisses Jar

Last year some friends and I got together and painted some cute Valentine Jars (pictured). You can see the tutorial over at The 36th Avenue, HERE. She even includes the cute Valentine Tags I have tied to the top of my jar. I thought these painted jars would make the perfect container to put my ‘Personal Progress Kisses’ in, but feel free to choose an easier route as well. 🙂 If I were making this for YW, I would go with a little smaller jar. The jar I used, pictured below, was a pint sized jar.

Personal Progress Ideas

To put my idea together, I printed out my ‘Personal Progress Kisses’ printable and began cutting out the circles. You can use a circle punch if you happen to have one, it would save a lot of time, the size of the circles are about 3/4″. I then glued each circle to the bottom of Hershey Kisses. Once they were all done, I put them into my cute jar, I added a few extra Kisses as well.

To make it even cuter, I grabbed some fabric and cut it into a circle and placed it over the top, and then screwed the lid on top of the fabric. To finish it off, I printed out some of those adorable Valentine Labels, and tied it all off with some pink and white twine. You can find twine for a great price, Here is some on Amazon! I have a few rolls of twine, and use it all the time. It lasts forever!

Just write a little note on the back of the tag, and you’re good to go! A yummy, adorable, and motivating Valentine for those sweet Young Women in your ward. 🙂


Cute, right??? Just look at the little Personal Progress Kisses! It makes me want to sit down and get some Personal Progress done. 🙂 BUT I went a little further to make sure the girls actually did some experiences instead of just eat up the delicious chocolate. YW Personal Progress BINGO

A couple years ago I shared a Personal Progress BINGO that I used. I really liked the idea, so I incorporated that into the Personal Progress Kisses. I thought in addition to the jar of Kisses you could also give the girls a ‘Personal Progress PINGO’ card (I decided to change the name to PINGO for Personal Progress). Tell them that for the rest of February (2 weeks) they can keep track of the experiences they pass off. If they get 4 in a row, bring the card back for a prize or treat (you decide). Since I only included 12 experiences on my Personal Progress Kiss printable, I added 4 extra squares with things they could do:

Complete a Project (Any Value)

Read a Scripture About Love

Give a Valentine to Someone You Care About

Make a Treat & Share it With Someone

You could also include a sheet of heart stickers for the girls to keep track of what they accomplish.

YW Personal Progress..

Most of the experiences I included in my Personal Progress Kisses printable are experience that they can accomplish quickly, but there are a few that will require 2 weeks. So tell them to get started and bring the cards back on the last Sunday of the month!


Would your YW love to receive their very own jar of ‘Personal Progress Kisses’? I know I would! haha  Today I am sharing the printables you need to create your own. Just use the links below to print them out, and then get started on your Kisses.


Click HERE to print my Personal Progress Kisses (4 sets per page)!

Click HERE to print my Personal Progress PINGO sheet (2 per page)!


I hope you enjoy my Valentine themed Personal Progress idea, and are able to use it for the YW in your ward. I’d love to hear if you do, and how it goes!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great day!


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