I was planning on sharing something yesterday, but we had a sick little lady & our internet was being obnoxious. 🙂
 So, today I am going to share two gift ideas!
Mother’s Day “Promise” Jar
For my first idea, I have a really simple idea that includes chocolate! And not just any chocolate….one of my favorites!

{Sorry for the horrible camera phone pics}
I ‘Promise
You’re the Best Mom Ever!

This is another great idea for the Primary children. It’s easy and yummy and I know Mom’s will love it!
First, you will need to get some Dove Promises.
Then decide on how you’re going to package these yummy little treats. You could choose a jar, a small treat bag, a cute little box, the possibilities are endless!

Next, you’ll need to print out my tags, HERE 
or create your own.
Then, you’ll need to cut out lots of little squares of paper or use a paper punch. Believe me a punch will be your best friend for this gift idea. 🙂
The children will write different reasons why their Mom is the BEST & then attach one square piece of paper to the back of the Dove Promises.
Once your promises are done, eat a few place them in your desired bag or jar and make it look pretty with a bow or other embellishments.
Finally….hand the gifts out to the wonderful Mothers.
Not only will they enjoy the chocolates, but also the sweet messages on the back of each.

Mother’s Day Soap Gift
Here’s a Mother’s Day Gift idea that would be great for the sisters you Visit Teach or for those special ladies in your life. This is actually one of the gifts I will be giving to my Mother.
{I don’t think she’ll be checking my blog before Sunday.} 🙂

While visiting her over Spring Break, I noticed she needed a new soap bottle.
I found a bottle and then added a cute label to it.
{I created the label with vinyl using my Silhouette}
Then I bought a bottle of dish soap to go along with the soap bottle/jar. Have you ever tried the Meyer’s soap or cleaning supplies? It smells wonderful!
I created a fun tag to attach to the soap bottle that says:
“I was ‘soapin’ you’d have a
Happy Mother’s Day!”
{The one in the pic says ‘We were’ because my Mom’s gift is from our family :)} 

Now don’t think you have to go out and buy a glass olive oil/soap bottle. These tags would also be great to attach to any type of hand soap {Bath & Body Works or any other yummy smelling soap}, bath soap, etc.
You could even mix up some homemade laundry soap, place it in a cute container & add this tag to it.
I make my own laundry detergent and love it!
{It even includes some free printables!}

Well, that’s all I have for today!
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!