Are you in need of a cute little treat bag tag for Mother’s Day? Maybe I can help you out. 
Our Ward is handing out bags of Hugs and Kisses to all the Sisters in the ward, and I was asked to make a nice tag to attach to the bag of candy.
Here is what I came up with:

This would work great for Primary too. Just have the children fill up their bag with Hugs & Kisses, sign their name and attach a tag to the bag of treats. Easy!

What is your Primary planning for Mother’s Day?

Click Here to Print my Mother’s Day Treat Tags.
I think I uploaded the wrong file. Try this one and see if it works. It’s through my Picasa Web Album. Just click on ‘Actions’ and download the file, then you should be able to print.


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Treat Tags

  1. Therol's Life!!!!!!!!!!!

    Way cute idea!! I have decided for our primary I am the 1st counselor and I am the only one who is single plus my mom just passed away in january. So i decided with the permission from our Bishop that we are going to give all our leaders the day off, so they can enjoy there Mother’s day. They will go to Sunday School and Relief Society. While me and the young women of our ward will teach the primary children, plus the Elder’s will be doing sharing time for us so it should be a great day. I figured it’s what my mom would want me to do is to serve others. So Happy Mother’s Day!! So that’s what our ward is doing for Mother’s Day!!


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