Sharing Time Idea from the 2017 Outline

Encourage understanding (reading scriptures and drawing pictures): On a large piece of paper write the phrase, “Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.” Cut the paper into four simple puzzle pieces. Write one of the following sentences on the back of each puzzle piece:

• He showed us the way to be baptized (see Matthew 3:13-17).

• He showed love for others (see Mark 10:13-16).

• He forgave those who hurt Him (see Luke 23:34).

• He showed us how to pray (see Matthew 6:5-13).

Sing “I’m Trying to Be like Jesus” (CS, 78-79). Ask the children to explain what the song teaches. Show a picture of Christ, and tell the children that He taught us many things through His perfect example. Divide the children into four groups, and give each group one of the puzzle pieces and some blank pieces of paper. Ask them to read the scripture together and then draw pictures of how they can follow Christ’s example. Invite each group to explain their scripture and pictures and to place their puzzles pieces on the board. After the puzzle has been assembled, repeat together, “Jesus Christ is the Perfect Example For Me.”


Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas

For my April 2017 Sharing Time Idea (week 1), I am using the idea given in the outline, but changing it up just a little bit to create a fun matching game using objects to represent each of the sentences/scriptures from the outline. I hope you enjoy this week’s idea!

April 2017 Sharing Time Idea Jesus Christ is the Perfect Example

For this Lesson You Will Need:

Phrase Puzzle (link below)

Picture and Object for each phrase/scripture


Before Primary:

Print out my Phrase Puzzle, I have included 2 different sizes: 8.5” X 11 and 18” X 24”, you can print the larger ‘engineer’ print at Staples for just a couple of dollars. Cut the pieces and then write the keyword from each phrase as well as the scripture reference. There are 2 extra puzzle pieces, for these you could write a question about following Christ’s example or you could have something like ‘Pick again’.

You will also need to find a picture and item to represent each phrase/scripture. For the baptism phrase you could use a picture of Jesus Christ being baptized, and a jar of water.

Before Primary, hide your puzzle pieces around the Primary room, place your pictures and items on a table at the front of the room.


To Begin

Last year we taught the same topic, here is an idea form the 2016 outline to begin the lesson, I thought the children would enjoy it.

Sing “Do As I’m Doing” (CS,276), and ask the children to follow you as you do several simple actions, such as clapping your hands, stretching your arms above your head, or marching in place. Ask the children to name some things they have learned by following someone’s example (for example, how to make a bed or play a game). Tell the children that today they are going to learn about someone who is a perfect example for us. Explain that you have hidden puzzle pieces around the room. On the back of each piece is a word and scripture that they are going to have to match to the items/pictures at the front of the room.

Invite the first child up and have them find a puzzle piece. When they have found a piece, have the child read the scripture reference on the back or the keyword. Have them place the puzzle piece on a chalkboard, and then see if they can match it to the picture and object. Once they have matched it correctly, discuss the scripture and phrase and ask them what the object might represent.

Invite the next person to do the same, and have the children put the puzzle together as they find each piece.

Once all the puzzle pieces have been found, have the children say the phrase together. Testify that Christ was the only person who has lived on the earth who has set the perfect example for us to follow.


Another Way to Play

To make it a little easier, you could also place the puzzle pieces over a picture of Christ, and have the children remove one piece at a time to reveal the picture. Have the children pick a piece, and then see if they can match the piece to the picture and item.


Click HERE to print my April 2017 Sharing Time Idea Puzzle Printable!

Click HERE to print my April 2017 Sharing Time Idea Puzzle (18″X24″)!


Other Ideas!

Still looking for an idea? Here is a cute idea from (affiliate link) The Red Headed HostessThey always have the greatest printables. 🙂


I hope you enjoy my April 2017 Sharing Time Idea, and use it for your lesson. I would love to hear if you do, so leave me a comment letting me know!

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The Prince of Peace Easter campaign from begins this Sunday, April 9th. Part of the campaign is to focus on eight principles to honor Jesus Christ and find His peace in your life. I created a great countdown activity and journal that you could do as a family, but I decided to also create a simple Prince of Peace Study Card that you could keep beside your bed, in your scriptures, on your fridge, or anywhere really, to help you study each of the principles.

Prince of Peace Study Card

Each of the eight principles are listed on the card, as well as the scripture that goes with it. As I said in my Countdown and Journal idea, I LOVE the Mormon Messages. Each message is so inspiring, so I had to include even more of these amazing messages.

You will find 8 new Mormon Message QR cards on this card. The videos I included on this card are all different than the ones included in my Prince of Peace Countdown and Journal idea. When I created this study card I had my children in mind, I wanted to create something for them that they could look at at night, and use to study. Since I was making this for them, I included Mormon Messages that they would enjoy.


Principles of Peace Mormon Messages

The Mormon Messages that I used for my Study Cards are:

Faith: Wrong Roads

God’s Word: Texting Truth (I LOVE this idea)

Compassion: The Coat (This one is a cartoon and one of my favorites)

Gratitude: Thanksgiving Daily

Prayer: I Pray When…

Forgiveness: Bullied…Let Us Be Kind

Repentance: The Shiny Bicycle (another family favorite)

Hope: A Mother’s Hope (another one that gets me teary eyed every time)


As with my Countdown and Journal idea, I decided to use these great ‘QR’ codes to help finding the videos easier (you can also click the links above). You’ll just need to download a ‘QR Scanner’ on your phone, and then each day scan the appropriate code. I had to fit the codes on one card, so they’re close together, sorry, but I tried it out and got it to work just fine.

This would make a great nightly scripture study activity for your family as well. Tomorrow, the first day of the 8 days, take some time to show your family the Prince of Peace video found on, then the scripture on faith found on the card, and then have one of your children ‘scan’ the code and watch as a family. Each day, take some time at night or in the morning to read the scripture for that day and to watch the video. Each of the videos that I selected are all under 5 minutes, perfect for a quick family devotional.


Prince of Peace Class Handouts

These study cards would make great handouts for Youth, Primary, or Relief Society/Priesthood. Even though I included videos that I know my children would enjoy, I know people of all ages will be inspired after watching the videos. My printable includes 4 cards per sheet, so you won’t have to print so many.


Click HERE to print my Prince of Peace Study Card!

Or you can also Print them HERE!


I hope you enjoy my Prince of Peace Study Card, and use them for yourself, your family, your class, or a friend. I hope as you study the Principles of Peace, and watch each of the videos, you will be uplifted and edified, and will begin to feel His peace in your life.

I would love to hear if you print and use the cards, so be sure to leave me a comment letting me know. And if you like my idea, be sure to share it on Pinterest!

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Hello again! I am Shannon, Sheena’s sister. She asked me to post some printables that I have designed for primary. This post is the first. I’ll be posting more soon so check back often.

Are you looking for a simple thank you gift for primary teachers or substitutes? This LDS Primary Thank You Gift Idea is a great way to thank anyone who helps in primary. This free printable reads “We’d be Nuts if we didn’t thank you! Thanks for helping in primary”. In addition, I have included a generic version that says ‘Thanks for your help.’ Use it to thank anyone!

LDS Primary Thank You Gift Idea

Currently, I am a counselor in my ward’s Primary presidency. We need primary substitutes every week, and often they are asked last minute to fill in. I really felt that we needed to thank those who are willing to help, especially those willing to fill in at the last minute. So, I designed several LDS Primary Thank You Gift Ideas. This is one of my favorites.

We’d be Nuts if we didn’t thank you!’d be nuts if you don’t print some of these for your primary teachers and subs!

Where did you find the nuts, you might ask? should be able to find individual packages of nuts or a box of the individual packages at almost any grocery store. Even the grocery store in my small town has them! You can also find them online and have them shipped right to your door. When assembling the tags, I punched a hole through a corner of the tag and the nut package and tied the tag on with black embroidery floss (which I have a lot of).


There are 3 options of the printable to choose from.

Click here to download the printable pictured above!

The second option includes ‘with love, the Primary Presidency’ at the very bottom.

Click here to download the Primary Presidency printable.

Finally, be sure to check out the generic version that can be used to thank anyone. It says “We’d be nuts if we didn’t thank you! Thanks for your help!” If you like this version, download it below.

Click here to download the printable that can be used for anyone!


Thank you for sharing this awesome printable, Shannon. I hope all of you enjoy Shannon’s printable. We would love to hear if you use the tags, so leave a comment letting us know. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.


Update: The list of principles that I first received were in a different order than what is now on I have fixed my cards, so that they match. 🙂

I am so excited to share my idea and printables for the upcoming #PrinceofPeace campaign  from I am excited for the opportunity to come closer to my Savior, and find peace through Him, as I participate in this wonderful and inspired campaign. I hope you will join me as we ‘learn Principles of Peace from the Prince of Peace.

Easter Ideas Prince of Peace

This year’s campaign, #PrinceOfPeace, focuses on 8 core principles that can lead to peace in your life and will help you draw closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ. When I learned that we would be focusing on 8 Principles, I knew I wanted to create an eight day countdown of sorts to help focus on the principles, which are:

• Faith

• Compassion

• Forgiveness

• Repentance

• Gratitude

• God’s Word/Scripture

• Prayer

• Hope

As I thought about my idea, I thought it would be a great idea to include a list of activities to do (scriptures, talks, Mormon Messages, etc.) to learn more about each principle. I was so excited when I realized that this would be part of the campaign, and that there was already a list of activities for each day.

Are you ready to join me on this 8 day experience? Are you ready to study each of these 8 principles to help us find Peace through Christ? I have some great printables to help you out! (more…)

Sharing Time Idea from the 2017 Outline

Identify the doctrine (singing a song): Sing the ninth verse and the chorus of “Follow the Prophet” (CS, 110–11). Invite the children to listen for reasons we follow the prophet. Have the children say together, “I am blessed when I choose to follow the prophet.”

Encourage understanding (acting out scripture stories): Tell the children the story of Elijah and the widow of Zarephath (see 1 Kings 17:8–16), and invite the children to act it out with you. For example: “The Lord told the prophet Elijah to go to a city called Zarephath (walk in place). When he got to the city, he saw a woman gathering sticks (pretend to pick up sticks).Elijah asked the woman to give him a drink (pretend to give someone a drink) and a piece of bread. The woman told Elijah that she had only a little flour and oil to make bread for her son (shake head no). Elijah told her to make some bread for him first and God would give her more flour and oil. The woman obeyed Elijah (pretend to knead bread). She had enough flour and oil to make bread for many days (pretend to eat).” Repeat the activity with the stories of Mose and the brazen serpent (see Numbers 21:5–9) and Nephi and the brass plates (see 1 Nephi 3–45:21–22). Ask the children to share how the people in the stories were blessed because they followed the prophet’s counsel.

Encourage application (discussing the prophet’s teachings): Ask the children, “Who is our prophet today?” Show a picture of the current President of the Church. Explain that he was called by God. Have the children discuss in small groups how they can follow him. Ask a few children from each group to share their ideas. Invite the children to choose one way they can follow the prophet during the week. Create a reminder for them to take home and share with their families. Remind the children that they can hear the prophet’s words during general conference, and encourage them to watch or listen to conference with their families. The week following general conference, ask some of the children to share experiences they had as they listened to the prophet and followed his teachings.


Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

Sorry this is so late! I actually was just going to skip this week because I have been so busy, and then I got sick, but my sister, Shannon, came to the rescue! I was on the phone with her yesterday and we started talking about Sharing Time, I told her an idea I was kind of thinking of, but didn’t have it all together. She told me she’d think about it and call me back. She called me back last night with an amazing idea! So here it is, hope you like it.

.Sheena (and I) have been very busy this week. I have to teach sharing time on Sunday so we put our heads together and came up with a fun and easy matching game for this week’s idea. (more…)

I am always looking for new games to create to get my family excited about General Conference. While driving with a friend, she asked if I had ever thought about creating my own version of a very popular ‘mouth-piece’ game. I hadn’t, but I loved the idea! So I got to work and created this fun ‘Say What?!?’ General Conference Game. My family gave this a try and had a blast. Today I am sharing the printables so you can enjoy this game as well.

If you don’t know which game I’m referring to, you can take a look at it, here.

General Conference Game

Before you play, you will need to find some mouthpieces (pictured above). If you happen to have the original game, then you can use those, but if you’re like me and don’t own the game, then you can find them on Amazon, HERE! This pack comes with adult size and child size, which is perfect for families. And my friend told me that after you’re done playing, just throw the mouth-pieces into the dishwasher to clean them.


How to Play

Once you have your mouth-pieces, print out my ‘Say What?’ Cards (printable below). Right now I only have General Authority Cards and General Conference Topic Cards (which is still 7 pages of cards), but I am planning on creating more LDS themed cards (I say this all the time…but I promise I’ll actually do it!). (more…)

I don’t know how long ago I created my General Conference I Spy Sheets, but they’re a favorite in our home, and I know many of you request them each General Conference. I finally got around to making one small change for the upcoming April 2017 General Conference. So now you can print out these fun sheets for your children to use next weekend!

General Conference I Spy Sheets


These General Conference I Spy Sheets are great for children who can read. Just print out these sheets before General Conference, and then have them watch for the items listed.

Some of the items are pretty easy, but some will take some looking to find them. After General Conference is over, add up how many things they spied.

Did you know that I first created these sheets as part of another fun activity called, General Conference Sundaes, here! The idea is to complete all kinds of different activity sheets to earn points toward Sundae toppings. I was just updating the post, and realized what a great activity it is, so I am going to plan on doing it this General Conference.

There are lots of fun printables on my General Conference Sundaes post, so if your looking for more, go take a look at that post. There are posts for little children (who can’t read), older children, youth, and even adults. (more…)

General Conference is two weeks away! As a mother, I try to find activities to keep my children interested and busy throughout General Conference, but coming up with activities to keep little ones (or even big ones) busy and attentive can be a tough job.

I was so excited when Emilee contacted me and asked if I would consider reviewing a book that her and her sisters had just finished, and I am so glad that I did because their book, Growing Up with Conference, is amazing! This book is full of great ideas to use to prepare for General Conference, ideas during General Conference, and ideas for after General Conference.

Growing Up with Conference Book Review

The beginning of the book is all about Planning & Organizing. This section includes lots of fun ideas that take a little planning to get it all together. There are several countdown type activities that would be perfect to help your family prepare for General Conference. One of my favorites from the book is called the ’15 Days Apostle Frame’. The idea is to have a picture frame with a picture of a member of the First Presidency or Twelve Apostles. In addition to the picture, Tiffany likes to add an object that represents that person. Each day have a new picture with a fact card on the back, which can be found on the Sweetly Made Just For You blog as a free printable. This helps the children learn the faces and the names of each of the Apostles and First Presidency. You could even have the children guess what the item might mean, so get creative. (more…)

Hi friends! I’m Marissa from Prickly Pear Design Co., and Sheena so graciously offered to let me guest post today – so here I am! Here in Idaho, we’re finally seeing warmer days filled with sunshine and I’m loving it.

Even though it happens every year, Spring brings such a revival. It’s fresh and new and brings a surge of hope as flowers pop through the ground, and the outdoors start to come alive. It seems perfect that we celebrate Easter and Christ’s Resurrection this time of year, and I love tying in as much of the outdoors as I can when I decorate for holidays.

Despite the fact that I love everything that Easter includes, I wanted to really focus our decor around the Savior this year. A few bunnies are bound to creep in, but when I read a talk by Elder Neil L. Andersen the statement, “In Christ, hope comes alive” really stuck with me. It captured not only how this Arizona girl feels about Spring after a long hard winter, but how each of us should feel about our Savior not only during this Easter season but all year long.

You can download your own Hope Comes Alive Easter print below. Its perfect for a mantle display or gallery wall and can easily be given as a handout for an Easter lesson in Young Women, Relief Society or to those you visit teach. (more…)

Sharing Time Idea from the 2017 Outline

Encourage understanding and application (playing a game): Write on separate pieces of paper a one-sentence summary of the most recent conference messages from members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve. Place them on the board along with pictures of the leaders. Discuss each message. Invite a group of children to leave the room. Remove one of the messages from the board. Invite the children to return and decide together which message is missing. Ask the children to choose a Primary song that corresponds with the message, and sing it together. Invite the children to suggest ways they can apply the message. Repeat with other messages.


Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

This week’s idea is one that I have used for several years, and it’s always a great lesson. You will be teaching the children that as we listen to the words of the Prophet and Apostles during General Conference, we will be blessed with Spiritual Treasures. I hope you enjoy my March 2017 Week 3 Sharing Time Idea!

March 2017 Week 3 Sharing Time Idea

For this activity, you will have a treasure chest, this represents the Spiritual Treasure from listening to General Conference. Wrapped around the treasure chest will be several ribbons with words, pictures, phrases. The children will be reading quotes from the Prophet and Apostles and will be matching it to the keyword/phrase/picture. (more…)