Hello again! This is Shannon, Sheena’s sister. I was recently released from the Primary Presidency in my ward because our President accepted a job and moved. A few short weeks before I was released I finished writing our 2017 Primary Program! Sigh…actually this deserves a big sigh! Anyone who has written a Primary Program knows that many hours go into praying and thinking and writing, and then some more praying, thinking, and writing. But my loss is your gain. I could not let my hard work go to waste so I told Sheena that she could post my 2017 LDS Primary Program Outlines for others who need ideas.

2017 Primary Program Outlines

Now I am not professing to be a great writer so don’t get your hopes up too high. I like to follow the Sharing Time outline because that is what the children have been learning all year. The program is a great time for the children to share what they have learned with their families and ward members.


I have included three versions of my 2017 LDS Primary Program Outlines. There are just slight differences between them. I like to have the older children, particularly the 11 year olds, act as the narrators. This is their last primary program so it is fitting that they could be a narrator. You could have the 11 year old boys and girls be the narrators…or just the 11 year old girls…or the 10 and 11 year old children. It depends on the size of your primary classes.

The 2017 LDS Primary Program Outline downloads #1 and #2 are a little longer than the third download. They include the October theme from the outline, while the third one stops at September’s theme. I concluded all three with the children singing Nephi’s Courage. I tried to choose a powerful song that the children know well so that they could close the program with a strong, musical testimony. Our bishop planned on making a few remarks after the song to close the meeting. Some primary presidents like to speak as well.

My Primary Program ideas have room for 5 children in each class but you can easily add as many children as you need. If you have a small primary, you can easily eliminate parts or combine parts.

I hope my ideas help. And good luck to all of those who have the amazing job of writing the primary program. It is one of my favorite Sundays of the year!


Click the link(s) below to download the outlines that Shannon has created. Each of the files are Word documents, so you will be able to make necessary changes to fit your Primary.


Click HERE to print the #1 2017 LDS Primary Program Outline.

Click HERE to print the #2 2017 LDS Primary Program Outline.

Click HERE to print the #3 2017 LDS Primary Program Outline.

Thanks, Shannon! I am so glad that she still had her calling and then got released because having an outline to look at is so great. When I wrote ours I took pieces from 3-4 outlines to create my own.

Be on the look out for Primary Program program covers as well as ‘Save the Date’ cards and Invitations. I had the idea of creating ‘Save the Date’ cards a few years ago, since parents never know when the Primary Program is until a few weeks before. I thought the cards would help let parents know so they didn’t plan anything for that special weekend.


We hope you like the 2017 LDS Primary Program Outlines that we have shared, and are able to use them. We’d love to hear if you do, so leave a comment letting us know. Thank you so much for stopping by, and for the amazing work that you do as a member of the Primary Presidency. You are amazing! Have a wonderful day.

June has been absolutely crazy, so that explains why I am just now getting my June 2017 Priesthood Power Visiting Teaching Idea up on the blog. I had read over the message to see what idea I could come up with, but nothing came. I have already done a Powerade message for Priesthood Power, HERE, but that’s all I could think of. So I forgot about it, and moved on. Then today I remembered that I hadn’t done my Visiting Teaching, and I hadn’t shared anything either! My kids were upstairs cleaning their rooms because I had promised them a treat if they did a really good job. They finally finished, so we headed to the dollar store. Nothing like a trip to the dollar store to get your creative juices flowing. 😉

While we were there I spotted a pack of Sweet Watermelon ‘Extra’ gum, so I grabbed it. When I got home I read through the message once again, and I finally had my idea. Yay!

June 2017 Priesthood Power Visiting Teaching Idea

This month’s message talks about the extraordinary blessings we can receive from Priesthood Power, so that is exactly what printable I created. A printable to help remind the wonderful sisters you visit just how blessed we are to have the Priesthood in our lives.

June 2017 Priesthood Power Visiting Teaching Idea

For this month’s Visiting Teaching idea you will need:

Any type of ‘Extra’ gum

My June 2017 Priesthood Power Visiting Teaching Idea Gum Wrapper Printables


That’s it! Well, you’ll need scissors to cut out the printables, but that’s it. Since I decided on gum this month I wanted to create a cute gum wrapper. I got to work and create a cute front label that says, “Enjoy the ‘Extra’ordinary blessings of Priesthood Power,” and a back quote sheet that includes 2 quotes from this month’s message as well as the “Consider This” question.

I couldn’t fit 2 sets of my gum wrapper printables onto one sheet, so on the first sheet you will find a front piece, back piece, and another front. Then on the second sheet you will find a front, back, back. If you print both sheets you will have 3 full sets. Now let’s talk about putting these together.
June 2017 Priesthood Power Visiting Teaching Idea


June 2017 Priesthood Power Visiting Teaching Idea

Cut out each gum wrapper printable. Then place the two printable pieces together(front and back pieces), making sure the blank sides are facing each other and the printed sides are facing outwards. You can glue the two pieces together, but I just stacked them on top of each other and left it like that.

Next, place the wrapper printable on top of the gum. When I did this I made sure that the front circle (the “Enjoy the Extraordinary blessings…) was centered on the gum. Wrap one side around to the back of the gum and place a piece of tape to secure it, like in the picture below.

June 2017 Priesthood Power Visiting Teaching Idea


Now, fold the other side down and tape to secure it. It would be really cute to use some green wash tape, but regular old tape will do the job. You could also tie some cute string or ribbon around it as well.

June 2017 Visiting Teaching Idea


And that’s it! Super simple, but a really great treat to share with those amazing ladies you visit. I am so excited to share these with the ladies we visit!

June 2017 Priesthood Power Visiting Teaching Idea


Click HERE to print my June 2017 Priesthood Power Visiting Teaching Idea Printables


I hope you enjoy this month’s Visiting Teaching Idea. I would love to hear what you think of my June 2017 Priesthood Power Visiting Teaching Idea, so leave me a comment letting me know.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!

Hi! It’s Chrissy from Teepee Girl and I am so excited to share these CTR Fidget Spinners with you!

My girls and I have quite the collection of DIY fidget spinners, and we are loving them! They cost pennies to make (literally, ha!), come together pretty quickly, and are a super fun craft project!

There are two fidget spinner sizes on the printable. The bigger one is perfect for my 8 & 9-year-old daughters, but is too big for my 5-year-old to get a good spin. Since both sizes are included in the printable, you can pick what size you think is best for your kiddos.

And because I am a visual learner, I made a quick little video showing you how these are made. I hope this helps!

There are lots of ways to make fidget spinners. If you don’t have all the supplies I used, you may like these tutorials from Red Ted Art or Draw So Cute. They make their fidget spinners with a toothpick instead of a Q-tip.

There are just so many fun ways to make these little gadgets!  I am showing you the best way I have found to make them so that they spin well, are comfortable, and don’t take very long to make (because I hate waiting for glue to dry!) but feel free to experiment making these with things you have on hand. (Example: instead of a Q-tip, maybe you could use a drinking straw, birthday candle, lollipop stick…anything you have around your house!)


Supplies Used: (affiliate links)

•My CTR fidget spinner printable, printed on cardstock (download the printable below)


3/4 inch circle punch (optional, used to cut out the star circles)

Glue dots (or any other strong, quick-drying craft glue)

Glue gun


Jump Rings (not necessary but I have found they help with the spinning; more on this below)

Small (1/8 inch) hole punch


•Cereal Box


How to make a DIY CTR Fidget Spinner

1.  The first thing you will want to do is print the CTR fidget spinner printable on cardstock. Then just cut out the spinner shapes and 5 CTR circles. (There are more than 5 CTR cirlces on the printable; I just wanted you to have lots of color choices. I’m weird like that.)

I used my 3/4 inch circle punch to cut out the circle dots. I love this little tool! The circles come out so clean and it saves a lot of time.

2.  Cut out a square piece from a cereal box. Using one of the fidget spinners you just cut out, trace the fidget spinner shape on the cereal box. Then cut that fidget spinner out of the cereal box.


3. Make sure your fidget spinners are lined up with cereal box, then glue the fidget spinner to both sides of the cereal box.


4. Using the 1/8 inch hole punch, punch out a hole where indicated on the printable. In addition, you will need to punch out the center of two CTR circles and set them aside. You will use them in a minute.

5. One one side of the fidget spinner, add a glue dot to each of the circles on the fidget spinner. Place a penny on top of the glue dot. (The pennies add weight for momentum while spinning.)

6. Add a glue dot on top of the penny, and place a CTR circle on top of the penny. This just makes it look nice and match the reverse side.


7. Cut off one end of a Q-tip.


8. Place the cut-off end of the Q-tip through the center hole, add a jump ring, and then a CTR circle that has the center punched out.

You don’t have to use a jump ring, but I have found that they seem to spin longer with it. So if you don’t have jump rings, give it try without them and see what you think. If you are not happy with how they spin, next time try adding the jump ring. 🙂

9. Add a glue dot on top of the cut-off Q-tip and CTR circle. This keeps it all together and helps with the next step.


10. Add a big dollop of hot glue right on top of the glue dot that is sitting on the CTR circle. This forms a comfortable little “handle” over the q-tip for your fingers while you spin your fidget spinner.

11. Let the hot glue dry for 8-10 minutes. I found that resting it over a cup works really well.


12. Now you are going to do the same thing to the other side. Cut off the end of the Q-tip. Add a jump ring. Put the CTR circle (with the center punched out) on top, then a glue dot.

13. Add a big pile of hot glue to this side let it dry.


Now give it a good spin! (Don’t pinch the “hot glue handles” too tightly or it won’t work. Just hold it nice and loosely and it should give you a nice spin!)


I hope these CTR fidget spinners bring a lot of fun into your home or church activity! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Click HERE to download the CTR Fidget Spinners printable.


Check out these other fidget spinner printables from Teepee Girl:

DIY Fidget Spinner {Coloring Edition}Color and make your own fidget spinner! This DIY fidget spinner is great for keeping kids busy and happy! The kids love it because they get to decorate their own fidget spinner. The adults love it because It's easy and comes together quickly. Get the full instructions and free printable at www.TeepeeGirl.com.


DIY Fidget Spinner

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you purchase something from this link, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support in this way! 

Thanks so much for stopping by. We’d love to hear if you create your very own CTR Fidget Spinners, so leave us a comment letting us know. Or snap a picture and tag us on Facebook or Instagram! Have a wonderful day.

Sharing Time Idea from the 2017 Outline

Encourage understanding (reading scriptures and playing a game): Read together 1 Corinthians 3:16–17. Invite the children to share what this scripture means to them. Explain that Heavenly Father wants us to take care of our bodies. Place pictures of various foods, drinks, and other items that are either good or bad for the body (such as fruits, vegetables, bread, alcohol, and tobacco) in a container. Make a copy of page 43 in the nursery manual, and cut it into puzzle pieces. Have the children take turns taking pictures from the container. If the item in the picture is good for us, have a child place a puzzle piece on the board. If the item is bad, remove a puzzle piece. Continue playing until the puzzle is complete (you will need to have more good things in the container than bad things). Ask an adult or child to share some of the blessings that he or she has received by obeying the Word of Wisdom (see D&C 89:18–21).


Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas

This week’s topic is on the Word of Wisdom. I have a great lesson idea (that I’m sure many of you have heard or seen on the web) and printables to help you out. Since it is Father’s Day weekend, I also am sharing another great option that you could use to incorporate some of the men from the Ward. I am excited to share both of these ideas with you today, and hope that you enjoy them as well.

June 2017 Word of Wisdom Sharing Time Idea

For my first idea I thought it would be fun to teach the children about the Word of Wisdom by letting the children chose foods that are healthy and unhealthy. In addition to choosing foods, I thought the children would enjoy actually feeding the healthy foods to someone.

Since you probably don’t want to invite an actual person to come in and have the children feed them, I thought a large poster-sized printable would do the trick.


Word of Wisdom Sharing Time Idea

As in the outline, begin your Sharing Time by reading 1 Corinthians 3:16–17. Invite the children to share what this scripture means to them. Explain that Heavenly Father wants us to take care of our bodies.

Explain to the children that today they are going to be picking different foods out of a bag, and then deciding whether they’re good for us or bad. This is where you can show the children your ‘helpers’ and explain that they will be feeding the healthy foods to your helpers. The unhealthy food will be placed in a garbage can.

Before Primary, print out my Word of Wisdom Wanda or Wayne posters. I have included 2 different sizes for you: 16″ X 20″ posters OR a file that you can print onto 4 sheets of paper and then cut and piece together onto a poster-board.

Once you have the posters printed, attach to a foam board or poster-board. Next you will need to cut out the mouth. Make sure the mouth is large enough for your food to fit. I didn’t actually print my posters out to test them, sorry, but there is enough room to make the mouth larger if needed. Now that your poster(s) is all done, gather pictures or play food for the children to pick out of a grocery bag. It would be so cute to bring in a mini shopping cart with a grocery bag filled with food. If you have one, use it!

I didn’t take the time to find food images because my friend, Emilie (A Year of FHE), already had some on her blog! Click here to view Emilie’s food printable.

How To Play

 Have the children take turns taking pictures from the grocery bag. If the item in the picture is good for us, have a child feed Wanda/Wayne. If the item is bad, have the child throw it away. You could go on to explain why it is bad for us. You may need to explain that some food is ok to eat, but unhealthy when eaten a lot. Continue playing until all the foods have been chosen from the bag. Ask an adult or child to share some of the blessings that he or she has received by obeying the Word of Wisdom (see D&C 89:18–21).

Click HERE to print my Word of Wisdom Wanda 16X20 Poster.

Click HERE to print my Word of Wisdom Wayne 16X20 Poster.

Click HERE to print my Word of Wisdom Wanda/Wayne 4 sheet posters.


LDS Squares

Let’s talk about my second idea that is actually a great way to incorporate fathers/men into your lesson. This idea was one of the very first ideas that I shared here on Little LDS Ideas (you can take a look at the original post, HERE!) I remember using this game for my own Sharing Time and it was so much fun. I like to call it ‘LDS Squares’. I based this game off of popular TV game show, Hollywood Squares) which isn’t on the air anymore (I don’t think).

Essentially, you are playing tic-tac-toe, but with people in each square. This is such a fun activity that everyone will enjoy, even if it’s not Father’s day where you live, promise!

LDS Squares Sharing Time Idea

First of all, you have to write up some questions. Lucky for you, I found some on Sugardoodle for this exact same game! You can grab the download for the questions, HERE. If you need more questions, just make some up. Any kinds of question, multiple choice, true or false, I also had some where I read a scripture and asked a question about that scripture that they had to answer.

You will also need find 9 adults to help you out, they will be your tic-tac-toe grid. This is where you can incorporate those amazing men. Invite some of the children’s fathers, the Bishop, a Grandpa, anyone! You need to have them sit in 3 rows of 3. I had the first row in little chairs and the second and third row in big chairs. Before my Sharing Time I made big name tags for each of the 9 adults to wear around their necks. And I also made each adult one ‘X’ sign and one ‘O’ sign. I have included printables for the ‘X’ and ‘O’ signs to help you out.

Split the primary into two teams, the X’s and the O’s. Each team takes turns picking one of the adults. Then, the adult that the team chose is asked a question. They answer the question, but they can answer correctly or they can bluff and make-up a fake answer. The team has to choose whether to agree or disagree with the answer that was given. If the team makes the right decision they get the square, and the adult then holds up either the ‘X’ or ‘O’ sign (depending on what symbol the team is). If the team agrees with the adult when the answer is wrong or vice versa, the opposing team automatically gets the square, unless that causes the opposing team to get three in a row. In that case, the opposing team has to win the square on their own, having the adult answer a new question.
Another way of winning the round is: if no one has gotten 3 in a row, but has 5 squares marked with their ‘X’ or ‘O’ they win.
Play until one of the team wins, and then start all over again. At the end you could ask a few of the adults to share some of the blessings that he or she has received by obeying the word of wisdom.

Click HERE to print my LDS Square printables!


I hope you enjoy this week’s Sharing Time and are able to use it. I would love to hear what you decide to do, so be sure to leave me a comment letting me know. And if you snap a picture, share it on Facebook or Instagram and tag me so I can see it!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day and a great Sharing Time!

Identify the doctrine and encourage understanding (seeing a demonstration): Explain that tithing is giving one-tenth of the money you earn to the Lord through His Church. Show the children 10 coins. Ask them how many of the coins should be used to pay tithing. Show a tithing envelope and a donation slip, and explain that we pay tithing by filling out the donation slip, putting it in the envelope with our tithing, and giving it to the bishop or one of his counselors.

Encourage application (playing a game and hearing testimonies): Display pictures and objects that represent blessings that come from paying tithing, such as temples, meetinghouses, a hymnbook, the Children’s Songbook, a Primary manual, and the scriptures. Tell the children that because of tithing funds the Church can provide these things. Cover the pictures and objects. Take away one or two. Remove the cover and ask the children to guess what is missing. Repeat several times. Explain that there are other blessings that come from paying tithing that cannot be seen (see 3 Nephi 24:10). Have one or two adults tell about blessings they have received from paying tithing.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

I am excited about this week’s Tithing Sharing Time Idea, and hope that you like it as well. I have been thinking about it lately, but hadn’t figured out exactly what I was going to do. I had some ideas, but it just wasn’t right. Then today I saw an idea that I shared a few years ago. I liked it, and thought the children would too, so that is what I am sharing today. I have some great printables to go along with my idea. Enjoy!


Tithing Sharing Time Idea

To begin your Sharing Time, “explain that tithing is giving one-tenth of the money you earn to the Lord through His Church. Show the children 10 coins. Ask them how many of the coins should be used to pay tithing.” There is also an idea from a previous outline where you invite 10 children up to the front and hand them each an item (apples, coins, etc.). You then demonstrate or ask what one-tenth is. If you would like to show them a large tithing slip, be sure to check out my printables, I included large (1 per page), medium (2 per page), and small (4 per page) tithing slip sheets.

Now for my idea. This idea will help the children practice figuring out one-tenth with a fun piggy bank activity.

When I Pay My Tithing, Heavenly Father Will Bless Me

Cute Piggie Clipart from La Boutique de Colori

This Sharing Time would work great as a whole Primary or in groups. I thought working in groups might be easier for Jr. Primary since some of the little ones may not quite understand the ‘one-tenth’ thing. Whatever you decide to do, you will need to choose a certain number of scenarios that you could like to use during your lesson. Once you have the scenarios chosen, find the matching ‘amount piggies’. I have included 3 pages of different amounts to choose from, 2 pages of scenarios, and some tithing slip sheets (below).

For each scenario, there will be a matching tithing amount. You will need to attach the tithing amount piggie onto a jar, paper bag, or any other type of container.


Tithing Sharing Time idea

The children will be reading the scenario and then figuring out how much tithing they will need to pay. Once they have their tithing amount figured out, they will need to fill out their tithing slip.

Let’s talk about the jar…you could do this 2 different ways. You could have the children figure out the tithing amount and fill out their tithing slip. Then have them go find their matching tithing amount and place it in the container. OR you could have them figure out the tithing amount, go find the matching jar that has the tithing amount inside. They will then take the money from the jar, and fill out their tithing sip. Once filled out, they can return it to the jar.


Tithing Sharing Time Idea


Blessings from Tithing

I love the idea given in the outline, but since I just shared a similar idea a few weeks ago I thought I’d share another option. As in the outline, find pictures and objects that represent blessings that come from paying tithing, such as temples, meetinghouses, a hymnbook, the Children’s Songbook, a Primary manual, and the scriptures.

Place each item/picture into a large brown bag, and then number each bag. Included in my printable are 7 small coin-like circles. Cut out each of the circles, and place them inside each of the jars (you may have some left over depending on how many jars you use or you could place multiple coins inside of a jar).

When the children place their tithing slip inside the jar (or when the go retrieve their money out of the jar) tell them that they may find a special ‘Tithing Blessing Coin’ inside. Tell them to hold on to it until later.

After everyone has placed their tithing slip in the jar, invite the first group up (or just one person from the group), and have them bring the blessing coin with them. Have them look at the number on their coin, and then have them find the matching bag. Explain that they will be looking inside of the bag, and then giving clues to describe what is inside. The other children will have to listen to the clues to guess what the blessing is. Once they have figured it out, have the child take the item out of the bag and show it to the primary children.

Continue until each group has had a turn or until time runs out. Explain that there are other blessings that come from paying tithing that cannot be seen (see 3 Nephi 24:10). Have one or two adults tell about blessings they have received from paying tithing. Close by testifying of the importance of tithing.


Click HERE to print my Tithing Sharing Time Idea Printables


I hope you enjoy this week’s Tithing Sharing Time Idea, and are able to use the ideas I shared today. I would love to hear if you do, so leave me a comment letting me know. Or snap a picture of you preparing for your lesson, and tag me on Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day and a great Sharing Time!

Sharing Time Idea from the 2017 Outline

Encourage understanding (discussing prayer): Show the children a telephone or another form of communication. Discuss how it is used. Ask the children how we can communicate with Heavenly Father. Explain that just as we dial a number to talk to someone on the phone, we can pray to communicate with Heavenly Father; we can ask Him for strength to do what is right. Give each class a picture of a different kind of prayer (for example, personal prayer, family prayer, blessing on the food, or class prayer). Ask each class to show their picture to the other children and tell them what type of prayer is shown and when, where, and why this type of prayer is said.

Encourage application (playing a game): Punch a small hole in the end of two empty aluminum cans, and connect the cans with a string. Pull the string tight, and let the children take turns quietly saying into one can something they could pray to Heavenly Father for as they try to do what is right (for example, to tell the truth, to be reverent, or to be kind). Let another child listen in the other can. Share (or ask a child to share) an experience when Heavenly Father has given you strength to do what is right. Testify that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers and will give us strength to do what is right.


Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas

A few months ago, my amazing friend taught a Sharing Time lesson. In her lesson she was talking about the First Presidency and 12 Apostles and how they speak for Heavenly Father. As part of her lesson she created a big smart phone, and incorporated that into her lesson. I loved it and the children loved it. As I thought about this week’s lesson, her idea came to my mind, so I used her great idea. I hope you enjoy it, and are able to use it.

 LDS Prayer Sharing Time Idea

Before Primary

For this lesson you will be comparing prayer to a phone. To make prep a little easier, I created a printable (large) iCanPrayPhone for you to print out and use. I have included a file with 4 sheets (8.5″ X 11″) as well as an Engineering Print (18″ X 24″) that you can print for a few dollars at Staples.

Once you have your phone printed out, you are going to be filling in each of the ‘app’ squares. The way that I thought of doing it was attaching pictures, questions, scripture references, etc. (I share some ‘app’ ideas below), and then placing another piece of square paper over it. The children will choose an app, and simply flip the top paper up to reveal what is underneath. You could get really fancy and create a cover with a symbol for each of the apps, but since I’m posting this late, I would just put a plain square over it. 🙂


Prayer Sharing Time Idea

Show the children a telephone or another form of communication. Ask the children if they know what it is. When my friend did her lesson, she talked about how our phones can help us find information. She had a few children ask questions, and she then asked ‘Siri’. She then asked ‘Siri’ a gospel question, but ‘Siri’ was not able to answer the question.

You could open your Sharing Time in a similar way, talking about how we use our phones for many things, but when it comes to communicating to Heavenly Father there is only one way to do that. Ask the children how we can communicate with Heavenly Father. Explain that just as we dial a number to talk to someone on the phone, we can pray to communicate with Heavenly Father; we can ask Him for strength to do what is right.


iCanPray Phone

For the next part of your lesson, you will have your large ‘iCanPray Phone’. The children will be selecting different ‘prayer apps’ that will teach them about prayer. Since there are 20 spaces I thought you could do several different kinds of apps. To follow the outline, I thought some apps could include different pictures of prayer. Attach pictures, and when one is chosen invite them to share what type of prayer is shown and when, where, and why this type of prayer is said. You could also talk about how that prayer strengthens us. I included a sheet of pictures (10 pictures total) in my Phone file below (the smaller 4 page file).

You could include scripture reference apps about prayer. You could include scriptures about HOW we should pray, WHEN to pray, and WHY we pray.

You could include a ‘scenarios app’. Make up some scenarios about times where they might pray to Heavenly Father to help know what is right or for strength (for example, to tell the truth, to be reverent, or to be kind).

One more app idea, include a ‘Movie’ or ‘Music’ app. For the movie app, show the children a short Mormon Message on Prayer, and for the Music app have the children play ‘Name that Tune’ with songs about prayer.

You could throw in a few ‘Share An Experience’ or ‘Choose Again’. Just some other ideas in case you need a few more spaces to fill.

UPDATE: Natalie Brady has kindly shared her app icons that she created for her phone. You will find the link to her file down below. Thanks Natalie, you’re amazing!


To close, remind the children that phones are great and do provide answers for us, but we can find so many more answer, and so much strength as we use the power of prayer. Testify that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers and will give us strength to do what is right.


Click HERE to print my iCanPrayPhone (4: 8.5″ X 11″ Sheets).

Click HERE to print my Large iCanPrayPhone Engineering Print.

Click HERE to print Natalie’s App Icon covers!


I hope you enjoy this week’s Sharing Time Idea. I would love to hear if you use it, and how you use the phone, so leave me a comment letting me know.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day and a great Sharing Time!

Encourage understanding (discussing covenants and reading scriptures): Explain that a covenant is a sacred two-way promise between us and Heavenly Father; we promise to do certain things, and when we do, He promises to bless us. Remind the children that we make a covenant with Heavenly Father when we are baptized, and explain that we renew that covenant when we take the sacrament. Make wordstrips with phrases from the sacrament prayers that explain what we promise when we take the sacrament and what Heavenly Father promises us (see Doctrine and Covenants 20:77, 79). Give the wordstrips to a few children, and have them stand in the correct order as you read the scriptures out loud.


Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

For this week’s Sharing Time Idea I will be sharing an idea that would work better with Sr. Primary as well as a Jr. Primary idea. For the Sr. Primary idea, you will be creating a large fill-in-the-blank Sacrament Prayer poster that the children will have to fill in with words. I hope you enjoy the ideas that I share today, and are able to use them this week.

LDS Sacrament Sharing Time Idea

To begin your Sharing Time, discuss the word ‘covenant’ and what it means. While looking for object lesson ideas, I ran across a great idea over on Hatch Patch Creations, that would be perfect! Once you discuss ‘covenants’ you could ask the if they know of an event/time where we make covenants. If they are unsure, give hints to help them. You could say something like:
“You make covenants when you are 8 years old.”

Remind the children that we make a covenant with Heavenly Father when we are baptized, and explain that we renew that covenant when we take the sacrament.


Sr. Primary Sacrament Puzzle Idea

Before Primary, you will need to print out my 4 of my large Sacrament Prayer Puzzles (2 copies each). I have included two different options: you can print the Engineer sized print at Staples for just a couple dollars (18″ X 24″) OR you can use my other printable and piece the puzzle together. The second option includes 4 pages that you will print out, and then glue/tape together to create a large poster.

Click HERE to print my Sacrament Prayer Puzzle (18X24″ Poster).

Click HERE to print my Sacrament Prayer Puzzle.

You can place these on a chalkboard/bulletin board, or you can place the puzzles onto foam board (have one puzzle on each side). You will also need to print and cut the answer word slips. I would place the bread and water answers into separate envelopes, so they don’t get them mixed up.


How To Play

Divide the Primary into two groups (if you want to have more groups, just be sure to print out more copies of the puzzles).  Show each team their puzzles and their envelopes with the word strips.  Explain to each team that they will be working together to put the words of the scripture in the correct place. You can have them tape the words or glue them onto the puzzle.

To make it a little more challenging, give them a certain amount of time, and tell the that they cannot use their scriptures.

Once time is up, or everyone has finished, read the scripture aloud, and have the children read along to see if they placed the words in the right places. This would also be a great time to go over certain words and explain what they mean.

After you have read the prayer, and fixed any words, invite one person from each team to come forward and circle the covenants we make as we partake of the bread and water. Discuss the covenants and what they mean.

Continue by flipping the puzzle around and repeat with the Sacrament Prayer for the water.


JR Primary Sacrament I Spy Idea

For Jr. Primary, I used part of a previous idea that I have on my blog, but changed it up a bit to fit this week’s theme. I think the Jr. Primary will really enjoy this, and I hope you will too.

Sacrament I Spy Sharing Time

Before Primary print out my Sacrament I Spy printables (link below). Each of the covenant circles (found in my kit) represents the covenants we make when we partake of the Sacrament. Just print and cut each one out. If you’d like them to last longer, laminate each circle.

You will also find ‘Sacrament Thought’ bubbles. If using the ‘Sacrament Thought’ bubbles, you will need to decide how many you would like to have, and print as many as needed. The thought bubbles can be used different ways, I’ll discuss that in a minute.


Jr Primary Sacrament I Spy Idea

Begin your Sharing Time by discussing the word ‘covenant’ and what it means. You could use the great object lesson that I shared above in the Sr. Primary idea or simply discuss it. Once you have discussed ‘covenant’, you can begin the ‘Sacrament I Spy’ game.

At the front of the room, have a table with the four covenant circle pieces. Place a towel over the circles so that the children cannot see them. Explain that you are going to invite one child up (you could even invite 2-3) to the front. You will uncover the items on the table for 5-10 seconds and let them look at the items. Then you will cover the items again and remove one item. You will then uncover the items once again for a short amount of time and see if they can guess which item is missing.

Once they have guessed which item is missing show the item to the other Primary children and discuss that covenant. You could use the covenant strips from the outline to help you explain each of the covenants, you can find the strips, HERE. Continue playing until all of the covenants have been discussed.

Sacrament Thoughts

In addition to the I Spy game, I thought you could take some time and discuss what we should think about during the Sacrament. You could invite children to share their own ideas, or you could find pictures of different things that we might think about (and not think about) during the Sacrament. You could also write scenarios or words as well.

You could place these under chairs, on a board, or around the room. Invite a child to pick a ‘Sacrament Thought’ and then have them decide if that is something that we should think about during the Sacrament. You could place the correct thoughts around a picture of Jesus or a picture of someone partaking of the Sacrament.


Click HERE to print my I Spy Sacrament Sharing Time printables!


I hope you enjoy this week’s Sacrament Sharing Time idea, and are able to use it for your lesson. I would love to hear if you do, so leave me a comment letting me know.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day and a great Sharing Time!

Sharing Time Idea from the 2017 Outline

Identify the doctrine (seeing an object lesson): Have a child stand by the door. Blindfold the child, and have him or her try to find his or her chair and sit down without any help. Repeat the activity, but this time ask another child to guide the blindfolded child by touching his or her arm and leading the way. Discuss with the children why it was easier for the child to find the chair the second time. Explain that the Holy Ghost can help us by giving us direction in our lives. Invite the children to say, “The Holy Ghost can help me.”

Encourage understanding (singing a song and playing a matching game):Write the word help on the board. Sing “The Holy Ghost” (CS, 105), and invite the children to count things mentioned in the song that the Holy Ghost does to help us. Before Primary, prepare 10 pieces of paper with a CTR shield drawn on the front. On the back of each paper, write one of the following 5 phrases describing how the Holy Ghost helps us: the Holy Ghost comforts us, the Holy Ghost testifies of Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost teaches us, the Holy Ghost tells us what to do or not do, and the Holy Ghost helps us to do good (each phrase will be on two different papers). Place the papers on the board in random order with the CTR shields facing the children. Invite a child to turn over one of the papers. Say the words on the back together. Choose another child to turn over another paper and try to make a match. Say the words on the back together. If the papers match, take them off the board. If they do not match, turn them back over. Repeat until all the matches have been made.

Encourage application (discussing scriptures): Divide the children into groups. Give each group one of the following scripture references: John 14:26; John 15:26; 2 Nephi 32:5; D&C 11:12. Ask each group to read their scripture and discuss what it means. Invite the children and their teachers to share examples of how they have felt the influence of the Holy Ghost.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

Have you noticed that I have kinda of dropped the ball the last 2 weeks! Sorry! Life has been busy. I decided to stop by and post an idea for this week, even though there’s only 2 days until Sunday. I figured there might be someone still searching for an idea. 🙂

This Holy Ghost Sharing Time is one that I shared last year, but it goes along great with this week. Just do a little tweaking, if you’d like it to fit with the outline, and you’re good to go!

Holy Ghost Sharing Time May 2017

May 2017 Holy Ghost Sharing Time

For the original idea I created scripture posters that talked about the Holy Ghost. I chose one word from each scripture to leave out. The children had to figure out the missing word with the help of an item. You could also have them read the scripture from the scriptures to find the word, and then have them find the item that best fits the missing word.

I thought having items would help the children stay focused and interested. Here are some examples I thought of:

• D&C 11:13 ‘Joy’: have an Almond Joy candy bar or a happy face (you could find happy face stickers, a happy face ball, etc). If you use an Almond Joy or sticker you could have enough for each child. Attach a note with the scripture.

• 2 Nephi 32:5‘show’: I thought you could use a flashlight for this because flashlights can show us the way in darkness. You can have a real flashlight or a picture of a flashlight.

• John 14:26‘teach’ & ‘remembrance’– I would only use one object for one of the words, probably ‘teach’. I was thinking of something that had to do with school or a teacher. You could have a picture of a teacher or school or you could even do Smarties (candy), unless that would be too hard to understand.

• D&C 11:12‘good’, ‘judge’, & ‘righteously: Once again chose one word for this scripture. If you choose ‘good’ you could have a picture of ‘thumbs up’; you could use a Mr. Goodbar (candy); or you could have a picture that shows someone doing something bad, and put a big ‘X’ through it and beside it have a picture of someone doing something good. If you use ‘judge’ you could use a gavel or a picture of a judge.

• Moroni 10:5 ‘know’ & ‘truth’: If you use the word ‘know’ you could have a picture of someone pointing to their head, or a picture of someone bearing their testimony (I know….). If you use ‘truth’ you could have  ‘true or false’ boxes with the ‘true’ checked.


Here’s a peek at one of the scripture posters that I created for my idea that I shared last year.

Holy Ghost Sharing Time

The original post has includes a printable outline with several different ideas, plus the scripture posters.

You can view the original idea, HERE!


I hope you enjoy my May 2017 Holy Ghost Sharing Time Idea, and are able to use it for your lesson. I would love to hear if you do, so leave me a comment letting me know.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Filling Our Minds With Truth - LDS Scripture Cards | Little LDS Ideas | Prickly Pear Design Co. | LDS Printable | Young Women & Relief Society Printable

Hi friends! It’s Marissa from Prickly Pear Design Co. These scripture cards are great for adding truth and light to every day and are perfect for Young Women or Relief Society sisters.

Not too long ago, I was washing dishes and listening to talks from past General Conferences. I ran across a talk, The Power of Scripture, by Elder Richard G. Scott. His words spoke to my soul, especially since President Monson instructed us to read our scriptures during this last General Conference.

Elder Scott’s talk focuses on the importance of scriptures. He likens them to “packets of light that illuminate our minds and give place to guidance and inspiration from on high.” Elder Scott outlines how the scriptures can impact our lives, being “stalwart friends…available when needed…” and how “…memorizing scriptures is like filling a filing cabinet with friends, values, and truths that can be called upon anytime…”

I don’t know about you, but that type of power and peace is something that I can always use in my life. After reading the rest of Elder Scott’s talk, I started looking for ways to”fill my filing cabinet” with words of truth and decided to create scripture cards to help me do it.

These scripture cards are perfect to print and tape to a mirror, tuck in a planner, or print and give to a friend. You can also print the entire stack, punch and bind them with a O-ring and keep them hanging in your bag or car so you can add a few extra moments of truth to your day.

I turned to some of my favorite online LDS friends and asked them what their “go to” scripture was – the one that filled them with faith, buoyed them up, or helped bring peace to their heart.

Filling Our Minds With Truth - LDS Scripture Cards | Little LDS Ideas | Prickly Pear Design Co. | LDS Printable | Young Women & Relief Society Printable

I loved reading their favorite verses, just like I love reading their posts on their sites- they’re filled with truth and faith and inspire me to be a little bit better. I’m sure when you visit their sites and read their verses/quotes you’ll find the same.

Sheena from Little LDS IdeasEther 12:27 & President Hinckley Quote

Nicole from Family Locket 1 Corinthians 10:13

Emilie from A Year of FHEMosiah 2:41

Megan from Love Pray Teach – President Benson Quote

Misty from Simple Family PreparednessD&C 46:9

Kari from LDS Lane  – Philippians 4:13

My Current Favorites – Hebrews 10:35-36, 1 Nephi 17:13 & Elder Neal A. Maxwell Quote

A few blank scripture cards are at the end of the stack so you can write in the verses that speak truth to you. I’ve set a goal to memorize a verse a week and ponder on it’s meaning for a few minutes each day.

Filling Our Minds With Truth - LDS Scripture Cards | Little LDS Ideas | Prickly Pear Design Co. | LDS Printable | Young Women & Relief Society Printable.

Get the Scripture Card Printable Here


Scripture Card Printing Tips

• Print these on your home color printer or send them to your local copy shop.

• Blank cards are included so you can personalize your set with your own go-to verse or quote.

• I recommend using the highest print settings and printing on brochure or photo paper, or a bright white cardstock.

I’d love to  hear or see how you use the Scripture Cards – leave a comment below or snap a picture and tag me on Instagram.


Stop by Prickly Pear Design Co. to snag more free printables for Young Women, Relief Society & just because. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

May’s Relief Society Visiting Teaching Print – Your Inspiration from General Conference


The Living Christ Study Journal & Art Prints

The Living Christ Study Journal | President Russell M. Nelson General Conference April 2017 | Prickly Pear Design Co. | Free Printable Study Journal

Thanks for stopping by!

Mother’s day is quickly approaching! If you’re like me, then you have yet to buy something for those wonderful women in your life. Today I am sharing a great list of LDS Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that I have and love, and some things that are on my ‘wish list’. I hope my list will help make finding that perfect gift a little easier. Enjoy!

Mother's Day LDS Gift Ideas

I decided to split up my list into categories to make it a little easier to read. My list is not in any type of order, just FYI. 🙂


Books to Read

Let’s talk about books. I love reading, and read all the time…until I started school. Now I am busy reading school materials, but every now and then I try to squeeze in a little reading. I recently read “Once There Was A Mom”, and loved it!

Once There Was A Mom

This is a very quick read, but is such a wonderful book about Motherhood. A few days ago my mother-in-law had to watch my children for a few hours while my husband and I attended meetings. Before I left, I showed her the book and asked her to read it. When I got home, I found a wonderful little note from my Mother-in-law telling me that she had read the book to my children. Everyone loved it, and they even discusses mothers and all that they do.

“For every mom who has ever wondered if all the little things she does in a day make a difference, Once There Was a Mom offers hope and encouragement. Take it from someone who, like you, has read story after story, sung lullaby after lullaby, and even taken the batteries out of the toys once in a while! The truth is, little things are much more important than we may think. With contemporary, stylized illustration by artist Destin Cox, this charming gift book will bring a smile to the face of mothers of any age.”

Click HERE to visit Deseret Book, and read more about “Once There Was A Mom”.


Worth The Wrestle

This isn’t a book about women or mothers, but this is an absolutely AMAZING book! Last year I watched a piece of Sister Dew’s talk titled, “Engage in the Wrestle”, so when I heard about this book I knew I had to read it. It of course did not disappoint.

Worth the Wrestle Sheri Dew

After I received this book I showed it to one of my good friends, Danielle. She was very interested in it because she recognized the artist, James Christensen, that created the cover. She told me about the artist’s other paintings, and how she loved them. We wanted to know which painting was on the cover, so we looked inside and saw that it is named, “Hold to the Rod”. Did you happen to notice the rod at the top of the picture on the cover? This man is trying to hang on to all of his worldly possessions, while looking up to the rod. I did not notice this until my friend and I started looking at the painting a little more closely.

I have recommended this book to so many people since reading it. It is a wonderful book, and it would even make a great gift for graduation.

“In Worth the Wrestle, Sheri examines the process of asking good questions—whether those questions be doctrinal, procedural, historical, or intensely personal—and learning how to get answers. She demonstrates how to live by faith while seeking greater light and knowledge. And she testifies of principles that are worth wrestling for and of understanding that can be gained in no other way.”

Click HERE to visit Deseret Book and read more about “Worth the Wrestle”.


One In Charity

This book is a compilation of talks from the 2016 BYU Women’s Conference. It’s from Women’s Conference, so this would be a great gift to give on the day we celebrate women!

Mother's Day LDS Gift Guide

I haven’t finished this book, but I have enjoyed what I have read. There are so many wonderful talks out there that we have never heard, so I always love when there are books that combine several amazing talks into one book. “One in Charity” includes talks from:

Elder Dale R. Renlund and Sister Ruth L. Renlund, Linda K. Burton, Barbara Morgan Gardner, Kathleen Hughes, Kristen M. Oaks, Camille Fronk Olson, Virginia H. Pearce, Sandra Rogers, Kevin J Warthen, and Brad Wilcox.

Click HERE to visit Deseret Book and read more about “One in Charity”.


At the Pulpit

I couldn’t create a list of books celebrating women, and not include “At the Pulpit”! This is a huge book that includes fifty-four discourses given by Latter-day Saint women throughout the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

LDS Mother's Day Gift Guide

So, I haven’t had the opportunity to read this book, but It’s sitting on my desk just begging to be read! I have heard amazing things about this book, so I can’t wait until I have time to take a peek inside of it.

“Like Lucy Mack Smith, these women drew on inspiration and experience to declare their understanding of eternal truths. This book illustrates the history of women’s public preaching in the church, but its most important feature is the actual words of Mormon women. From the time of Emma Hale Smith’s earliest exhortations at meetings of the Nauvoo Relief Society, Latter-day Saint women have been charged to instruct their families and neighbors, their congregations and Relief Societies, and other organizations. The talks featured in this volume show Mormon women doing the spiritual and intellectual work inherent in a life of Christian faith—seeking to do good works, understand the atonement of Jesus Christ, and strengthen their own faith and the faith of those around them. These women endeavored to live what they believed and to help their listeners do so as well.”

Click HERE to visit Deseret Book and read more about ‘At the Pulpit”.


Bookshelf Plus

(I am a participant in the Deseret Bookshelf Plus Services Affiliates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees when linking to Bookshelf.Deseretbook.com.)

Are you having a hard time choosing one of these amazing books? Why choose one when you can have all of them! Have you heard of the new Deseret Bookshelf Plus?

Bookshelf Plus is the new and improved audiobook app which allows you unlimited access to every single Deseret Book audiobook, and access to over 2,000 ebooks. You can listen to LDS books or read ebooks for a monthly subscription starting at $9.99 or $6.99 for platinum members. If you’re a little unsure about it, then give it a try. You can try the Deseret Bookshelf Plus for 30 days, here!

I am so excited to give this a try. I have seen several other bloggers talk about how amazing it is…I’m just a little late to the game. Have you signed up for Bookshelf Plus?

Click HERE to read more about Bookshelf Plus!



Now let’s talk about music. As a Mother, I spend time in my car with my children. Now that they’re a little older, they almost always want to listen to music. My husband and I try to find uplifting music to play because our girls love to sing, and quickly learn the lyrics of songs. Here are a few of my favorites that I listen to in the car and at home.

City of Enoch

I received this CD a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it as much as my other CD’s (below), but I have LOVED it! It is now one of my favorite albums.

LDS Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Every single song on this CD is amazing. A few of my favorites are: Sweet Redeemer, God So Loved the World, Because He Lives, and Bountiful, but seriously every song is amazing!

City of Enoch is the group that you have been waiting for, with a captivating sound that is described as “Lady Antebellum harmonies meet Christian Contemporary praise.” This debut album from a rising trio features new songs, great Christian covers, and an incredible new arrangement of the classic hit ‘He Hears Me’.”

Click HERE to visit Deseret Book and to read more about City of Enoch.


Nathan Pacheco: Higher

I reviewed this beautiful album a few months ago, HERE. It didn’t take long for “Higher” to become one of my favorites. Every song on this CD is beautiful.Mother's Day Gift IdeasI immediately fell in love with the song “Forever,” but after listening to this album over and over, I have found a few more favorites. I think my new favorite song is “Come As You Are”. I could listen to that song over and over. Some other favorites of mine are: In Christ Alone, How Great Thou Art, Come Thou Fount, and Through All My Days.

Click HERE to visit Deseret Book and to read more about Higher.

I found out that Nathan Pacheco will be performing at the Scera Outdoor Theater (in Utah) this summer, and City of Enoch will be opening for him. I kind of geeked out when I found about this concert. I asked my husband if we could go, but I think I have to work on him a little bit more…or I’ll just have to go by myself. 😉 Tickets to this are only $10-30, so this would be another great Mother’s Day gift. You can read a little bit more about the concert and/or purchase tickets, HERE.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Do you know someone who loves the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? If so, you will have to buy them this brand-new Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Friends album. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Friends album features a compilation of songs that the Choir has sung with professional singers over the years. This CD is perfect for any Mormon Tabernacle fan.

LDS Mother's Day Gift Ideas

“The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has collaborated with some of the most legendary vocalists and performers over the years. For this album, the Choir has assembled an unprecedented collection of recordings taken from standout performances over the past 15 years. Most of these performances were recorded live at the 20,000+ seat Conference Center in Salt Lake City. In addition, some real gems were uncovered or created specifically for this album, including a performance recorded live before millions of viewers at the start of the 2002 Winter Olympics (Sting & Yo-Yo Ma performing “Fragile”) and new recordings such as Amy Grant’s “Thy Word,” The King’s Singers’ “I’m Running On,” and Santino Fontana’s ‘He Lives in You”.”

Click HERE to visit Deseret Book and to read more about Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Friends


Piano Guys

My family LOVES the Piano Guys. We have a few of their cd’s, and listen to them frequently. I love that my children enjoy the songs even though it’s instrumental music. Two of our favorite CD’s are The Piano Guys and The Piano Guys 2. Each of these cd’s include some fun songs that my children recognize, like Star Wars, Charlie Brown, What Makes You Beautiful, and Lord of the Rings.

LDS Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I don’t think you can go wrong with a Piano Guys CD, they’re all amazing. If you haven’t checked out their music videos be sure you do, they’re just as awesome. My kids love watching them.

“The Piano Guys have become a YouTube sensation with their clever and inspiring takes on popular music and creative videos that accompany them. From Beethoven to Adele, their eclectic mix of classical, film score, rock, and pop favorites resonate with audiences across generations and from all walks of life.”

Click HERE to visit Deseret Book and to read more about The Piano Guys.



My next category includes different gifts that have to do with temples. I hope you like the gift ideas.


Ella and Anne Temple Dresses

Several months ago I saw the most beautiful temple dresses on Instagram. I saw that the shop that had them was a cute little shop called Ella and Anne. I clicked their link, and looked at all of the beautiful dresses in their shop.

Mother's Day LDS Gift Ideas

I had thought of buying one for my Mother for Christmas, but she told me that she didn’t need a new one. I’m thinking that she needs one, so I might have to get one for her as a late Mother’s Day gift.

I haven’t purchased an Ella and Anne dress, but it is definitely something that is on my ‘wish list’ to buy soon. They shared a Mother’s Day coupon code on Instagram, so head on over to their Instagram page, here, and grab that code!

Click HERE to visit Ella and Anne!


Pin and Posy

My next temple gift is one that I love and cherish. I found Pin and Posy on Facebook and fell in love with her work. I headed on over to her shop and purchased a hand lettered picture of the Manti Temple with our anniversary for our anniversary. 🙂 It now sits on a shelf surrounded by family pictures.

LDS Mother's Day Gift Ideas

There are different styles to choose from, and you can customize it with your name and/or date. Wouldn’t this be a beautiful Mother’s Day gift? I sure love mine! She also has other great hand lettered products like The Family Proclamation, Articles of Faith, and more

Click HERE to visit the Pin and Posy Shop.


Looking for More Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas?

Need some other great Mother’s Day ideas? Stop by Teepee Girl to check out her 2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide, and this great Mother’s Day Gift list from Simply Made Just For You.


I hope you enjoy my LDS Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. What is your favorite Mother’s Day gift that I shared? I’d love to hear, so leave me a comment letting me know.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day and Happy Mother’s Day!


*Some of these items I received for free to review. Although I received them at no cost, the opinions that I shared are my own, and honest. 🙂