Sharing Time Idea from the 2016 Primary Outline

Encourage understanding: On one side of the board write “Commandments” and the following scripture reference: D&C 89:7–9, 12, 14, 16. On the other side, write “Promises” and the following reference: D&C 89:18–21. Have half of the children read the first set of scriptures and look for commandments the Lord has given us in the Word of Wisdom. Have the other children read the remaining scriptures and look for blessings He has promised us if we obey. Discuss what the commandments and blessings mean.

Encourage application: Invite one child to say, “I will live the Word of Wisdom by ______” and fill in the blank with something he or she will do to live the Word of Wisdom. Then invite another child to repeat the phrase and the first child’s response and then add his or her own response. Ask a third child to repeat the phrase and both of the other children’s responses and then add another response. Repeat as time allows, with each child adding a response.


Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

We are running out the door headed to Utah. But before we left I wanted to share some ideas for this week’s Sharing Time. They aren’t much, but it might get your mind rolling. Sometimes that’s all I need, just a small idea to get me thinking and creating. 🙂

Living the Word of Wisdom shows respect for my body.

Food Memory

Since the Word of Wisdom talks about foods, I thought it would be fun to dress up in an apron and have a tray of food or pictures of food items. The children will be getting a quick glance at the items on the tray trying to figure out what is missing. This game is great for little ones.

Before Primary gather small food items (plastic play food would be great or simply print out pictures). You could walk in carrying your tray and tell the kids that today they are going to be discussing something very important. You could then ask questions about different foods: “Who likes to eat _____?” and have the children raise their hands or do something silly if they like it.

Then ask if anyone has ever heard of ‘The Word of Wisdom’. You could invite a few children to share what they know and then share a scripture.

Now for the fun part. 🙂 Have the tray of food on a table at the front of the room and have it covered by a napkin. Invite a child up to the front and tell them that you are going to uncover the tray for just a second. They are going to have to look as quickly as they can at all the food and try to memorize what is on it. You will then uncover and take something off of the tray. Once again, remove the napkin and have the child look to see if they can ‘spot’the missing item.

Once they have figured out what is missing you could discuss whether that item is healthy for our bodies or not. You could have 2 brown paper grocery bags (one with a smiley face and one with a frowny face), and place the item in the appropriate bag. If you choose items that are discussed in the scripture, you could invite a child to read that scripture as well.


Sr. Primary Idea

Here is an idea that I shared several years ago that would be great for Sr. Primary and will get them into the scriptures. 🙂

I thought it would be fun to do a scripture chase/hunt type game. Split the children into 2 groups. At the front of the room have 2 posters (one for each team). The posters will be split into two columns: ‘Commandments’ and the other side ‘Blessings’ (similar to the one in the outline). Have the answers (each commandment and blessing) typed or written onto pieces of paper (a set of answers for each team). On the floor in front of the posters place the answers face down (or have them on a table in front/beside each poster).

Then give each team a list of the scriptures: D&C 89:7-9; D&C 89:12; D&C 89:14; D&C 89:16 & D&C 89:18-21; this is the list from the outline).
Tell the children that they are going to have a scripture chase. Show them the poster and explain that they are going to be searching the scriptures for commandments and blessings concerning the Word of Wisdom. Then show them the pieces of papers on the floor and explain that these are the answers they are looking for. Tell the children that they are going to look up the scriptures and read it aloud to their team. They must decide what commandment/blessing is being discussed in that scripture. Once they think they have the answer they will then come to the front (one person) and look for the answer in the ‘answer pile’. Once the answer is found they will need to post it under the correct column.
Play until one team has found all the answers and have them posted correctly. Talk about the Word of Wisdom and what things are harmful for our bodies and why or have the team share what they read about. Then discuss the blessing of obeying the Word of Wisdom. Bear your testimony.
What are your plans for this week’s Sharing Time? Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day and a great Sharing Time!

8 thoughts on “{Primary} Sharing Time Week 3: Living the Word of Wisdom Shows Respect for My Body

  1. Elisha

    Thank you for these ideas. I come here every time I need to do a sharing time lesson. I appreciate it so much! You are awesome! I wish I had some to share, but maybe someday I will.


      1. Cindy

        I agree with Elisha! I always come here first when I am responsible for Sharing Time. I appreciate that you start with the outline and build from it. Thank you so much for your ideas and inspiration, Sheena!


  2. Blanca Martinez

    Thank you so much! I was feeling lost with these week and I came across your page! I will be visiting your page quite often!


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