One of my favorite callings, that I’ve had so far, is Activity Days. I served in that calling while we lived in Hawaii, and I loved it! The girls that were in the Primary were so sweet. I have some great memories serving those amazing girls.

I haven’t been in Activity Days since then, but my daughter is turning 8 next year, and I have 2 more daughters after that…so I’m hoping that eventually I’ll be back in there. 🙂

Today I am sharing some tracker cards that I created for Activity Days to help make it a little bit easier to track their accomplishments for Faith in God.

Faith In God Tracker Card for girls

These little cards would be great to keep in their Faith in God booklets, an Activity Day binder, scriptures, or for the leader to keep them on a ring.

To help them last longer, you can print them on cardstock. If you want them to really last, then laminate them. You can have the girls color each circle in, punch a hole, or add a sticker as they work on and accomplish different tasks from each category.

Feel free to print off as many as you need. There are 3 to a sheet and measure approx. 3″ X 5″.

Click HERE to print my Faith In God Tracker cards for Girls.

Need a tracker card for boys? Then click here for my Faith in God tracker cards for Boys.

I hope you and your Activity Day girls enjoy my tracker cards. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!


3 thoughts on “Faith in God Tracker for Girls

  1. Bethany

    Hi there! We love your simple and cute idea of tracking!!! However, we notice each category only has 6 circles each instead of 8…is there any way you could add those circles?

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