I LOVE when others share their great ideas and hard work. A few weeks ago a wonderful sister named Liberty Vollmer contacted me about my Faith in God cards.
I answered her question and then a few days later she emailed me a spreadsheet that she had come up with to track the Girls’ and Boys’ achievements.

Here’s a sneak peek for you to look at.
 She’s included a tracking sheet for Girls and one for Boys.
Each tracking sheet is 2 pages. And the thing I love about these tracking sheets is it includes everything!
When we made our large tracking sheet (we hung it up in the Primary room) ours only had the ‘Learning & Living the Gospel,’ ‘Serving Others,’ ‘Developing Talents,’ & ‘Preparing for YM/YW.’
But Liberty’s has everything that the children need to do before they’re 12, like:
Pray Daily
Read Scriptures
Attend Sacrament/Primary
Articles of Faith
Writing their Testimony
and more!
All the other requirements in the 4 required areas.
Are you in need of a little organization help with Faith in God, then you’ll definitely want to print these tracking sheets out.
Thank you so much Liberty for your hard work and for sharing your wonderful tracking sheets!


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