I recently joined a Facebook group for Primary Presidency Members
{Name of Group: LDS Primary Presidencies & Sharing Time}.
I am loving all the ideas that these wonderful sisters are sharing.

I scrolled through some previous Facebook posts in the group and found a great idea for Faith In God.

The original idea came from Stephanie Carn Yrungaray. I wanted to give Stephanie credit for this great idea and asked if she had a blog/site I could link to. She didn’t have a blog BUT she does have an Etsy shop where she sells Quote Bundles. She has quote bundles for women, fitness, missionaries, and more. So be sure to stop by and check out her shop.
Click HERE to visit Stephanie’s Shop: QuoteBundles!

Faith In God Sunday Challenge Idea

Stephanie created this to help the primary children work on their Faith In God. I’ve been wondering if the children were working on their Faith In God, so when I saw the idea I brought it up to the President. We decided it would be a great idea to do.

We have decided to do this every other month since the children are supposed to complete 2 activities from each category a year. By doing this every other month they would complete 6 activities a year (2 from each category).

How It Works

Last Sunday I announced that we would be having a Faith In God Challenge. On that particular Sunday the children would receive a ‘Sunday Challenge’ card. They were asked to go home and complete the activity, have a parent sign and bring the card back the following Sunday for a treat!
I wanted a parent signature so we knew that it actually got done. 🙂

I made a Lollipop Tree for YW awhile ago, and had it hanging out at my house, so we decided to use the tree as the treat for our Faith In God Sunday Challenge.

Whenever a child brings their card back with a signature, they will get to pick a lollipop from the lollipop tree!

Create Your Own Lollipop Tree!

To create your own lollipop tree you will need a Wide Mouth Jar {I think mine is a Pint}. You can leave it empty or fill it with beans, rice or red hots. This will help it not be so top heavy.
Next you will need a styrofoam ball. Glue the styrofoam ball to the jar. I first used hot glue, but when I was adding more lollipops the ball popped off, so I decided to use Gorilla glue…that should make it stick for good. 🙂

Let it sit until the glue has set. Finally, grab a bag of lollipops and start sticking them into the styrofoam ball!

I decided to paint my jar and added some cute washi tape around the top, but get creative and do what you like.


Faith In God Challenge Cards

Are you ready to have your own Faith In God Sunday Callenge?

First you will need to create or print out some Faith In God Challenge Cards. Here are the cards that I created.

You will download a zip file which includes 7 pages total:
2 pages for each category + one page for ‘Preparing for YW & Priesthood’.

Click HERE to print my Faith In God Challenge Cards!


I have added another set of Faith in God Challenge cards, HERE! And even a new reward idea, HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I want to thank Stephanie again for her great idea.
Have a wonderful day!



8 thoughts on “{Primary} Faith In God Challenge Idea & Printables

    1. Sheena Perron

      Hi Nicole! Thanks for the comment. We’ve actually only done this one Sunday, so we’re still figuring out exactly how we want to do this. For now we’ve only asked the 8-11 yr. olds to participate, but I think it would be great for all the children.
      I also saw another idea…when the children bring the coupons back they write their name and place them in a jar. Once a month or once a quarter they have a drawing and choose one ticket out of the jar for a prize! I really loved this idea. The person that shared this said that they would get donations from ward members for the prizes, one time it was a bike! Wow! 🙂


  1. sheny soto

    Hello Sheena, first I want to thank you for your time and for sharing your wonderful ideas with us. I currently serve in the primary as a second counselor in a Spanish ward. I have had many callings in church but working with children in the primary is what I enjoy the most. The reason I am reaching out to you is because I am a big fan of your blog. I strongly believe that all of your ideas are brilliant. However, because I currently go to a Spanish ward all of my teaching material has to be in Spanish. When I use your material, I have to either translate it or convert it to my language but (using your wonderful ideas). Many people ask me where do I get my ideas and of course I tell them about your blog. My question to you is. Is there a way that you can translate your material to Spanish? If you cannot. What can I do to start my own blog in Spanish? I would love to help and share your and my LDS ideas to Spanish speaking individuals. You might not be able to help me with this but I thought to give it a try. Thanks so much for your time.


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