Today I am finally getting around to posting this month’s Primary Monthly Theme Poster! YAY! Since this month’s theme is all about serving others, I thought this picture from was very fitting. Here is a peek at what the poster looks like this month.


I had 2 pictures to chose from. I was having a hard time deciding which one to use, so I finally called my Son into my office, and this is the one he chose. Great choice! I think the children will love it, and relate to it. Since it’s Fall, I’m sure a lot of children have been busy raking leaves.

Are you planning on challenging the children in your Primary to do an act of service? Are you challenging yourself to do the same? I have been trying to be better at serving, and I know that as we take the time to do it, we will feel our Heavenly Father’s love for us so much stronger.

If you would like to use my November 2015 Monthly Theme Poster, just click the link below.

Click HERE to print my November 2015 Primary Monthly Theme Poster.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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8 thoughts on “{Primary} November 2015 Primary Monthly Theme Poster

  1. Tori

    So Cute, I love all the ideas you give on your blog! I think the scripture reference for the poster is supposed to be Mosiah 2:17 though!


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