Do you have some boys in your Ward/Branch that could use a little help keeping track of their Faith in God? Last week I shared my Faith in God tracker for Girls, HERE, and today I am sharing my Faith in God Tracker Card for Boys! The cards are colorful and are perfect for keeping track of all their Faith in God requirements.

Faith in God Tracker for Boys

These little cards are great to hand out to all your 8-11 year old boys in Primary or for the boys in your home. As they work on their Faith In God, they can keep track by marking off the appropriate circle…or add a sticker…or punch a hole.

These would also be great to keep in your Primary closet. Print one card for each boy/girl in your Primary. Then place them on a ring. Have one Sunday a month (or you could do it more frequently) where the children come and report what they have done. Have them add an ‘X’ or a fun sticker to the appropriate circle.

To use my Faith in God Tracker Card for Boys, just use the link below. To help the card last longer, print on card stock and/or laminate each one.

I hope you enjoy my Faith In God tracker cards for Boys!


Click HERE to print my Faith In God Tracker for Boys.


I hope you enjoy my Faith in God Tracker Card for Boys, and use it for your ward or for your own children. I would love to hear if you do, so leave me a comment letting me know.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great day!


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