On the last day of school, as we were driving home, my children excitedly handed me their Summer Reading Lists. They were so excited to read the books on the list, and I was even more excited for them to read because it meant less time sitting watching TV or playing electronics. As we sat their talking about their reading lists I had a thought/idea come to my mind. We see all kinds of summer reading lists, but I have never seen a Summer Spiritual Reading List. I pictured a list filled with articles from church magazines and General Conference, it was such a great idea! I had to do it, so I added the idea to my (huge) list of ideas and got to work looking for talks and articles to add to my Summer Spiritual Reading List. I didn’t get very far though (I think I had 3 talks on my list), and then life got crazy busy. I really wanted to create my Spiritual Summer Reading List, but I just didn’t have the time to search for talks (I promise I will create one though), that’s when another great idea popped into my head…Spiritual Summer BINGO!

Spiritual Summer BINGO

This was a little more easy to execute. My Spiritual Summer BINGO sheet is filled with all kinds of tasks for your children to do to help them grow spiritually this summer (or at least the last month they have). I know in my own home Summer can be a time where my children think they can sit and watch TV, I wanted to help them do more. At the bottom of my Spiritual Summer BINGO sheet I wrote,

“Don’t take a ‘spiritual break’ during summer break. use this Spiritual Summer bingo sheet to help you stay spiritually strong.”

Could your children, or your Primary children, use a little spiritual boost this summer? Then give my Spiritual Summer BINGO sheet a try.


How To Play

I have only created one sheet so far, but if y’all like it then maybe I’ll make a few more. To play, print out my Spiritual Summer BINGO Sheet (link below). Then, pick a square and complete the task. Once you have completed it, mark it with an ‘X’ or a sticker. Once you get five in a row, you’re done! As a parent, you could have incentives for BINGO, and you could do an extra special prize for a ‘black-out’.


Primary Class Idea

I used these in my Primary class, too! I passed them out and told them that if they got five in a row and brought it back, then I would reward them with a special gift. Just print out the number of copies needed, and encourage the children in your class to get a BINGO.

I have included squares to help pass off Faith in God requirements, squares to help the children learn program songs, and squares to help memorize Articles of Faith (and there’s other great squares as well).

So, are you ready to play some BINGO? Just click the link below to print out your very own BINGO sheet.


Click HERE to print my Spiritual Summer BINGO printable!


I hope you enjoy my Spiritual Summer BINGO sheet and use it for your family or primary class. I would love to hear if you do, so leave me a comment letting me know.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!

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