I have decided to put together a Little LDS Ideas Creative Team, which means every month 2 amazingly talented friends of mine are going to be sharing fun ideas and printables here on my blog. Today I am so excited to introduce you to my amazing friend, Chrissy, from TeepeeGirl.com.


Activity Days Idea from Teepee Girl

Hi! I am Chrissy from TeepeeGirl.com and I am so excited to share some free Activity Days printables with you!

One of the Faith in God requirements for both boys and girls under Serving Others is to “Write a letter to a teacher, your parents, or your grandparents telling them what you appreciate and respect about them.”

After I read that, I knew I wanted to make some stationery printables to make this activity both fun and cute!

Activity Day Pen Pal Letters

I have three daughters, and two of them are in Activity Days. Whenever I tell my girls that it’s time to go to Activity Days, there is loud cheering and I can understand why. Activity Days seems like such a fun calling. Can I admit to getting calling envy whenever a new leader is announced?

And who can blame me when you get to do cool things like write thank you letters for an activity? I am a fan.


Activity Days Thank You/Pen Pal Stationery

In addition to the thank you letter, there is also a printable that is perfect for pen pal letters.

When I was talking to Sheena the other day, she told me that when she was an Activity Days leader, her group wrote and sent out pen pal letters to other Activity Days groups. What a great idea!

Kids love receiving mail, making this activity so fun. But it also helps them understand that everyone is different and different can be awesome!


I have also included a blank stationery page. This is so the kids can draw additional pictures or write a longer and more detailed letter if they want. (The blank stationery page pictured above was filled in by my four-year-old. She was feeling left out that her sisters got to write letters so we let her join in on the fun!)

Activity Day Pen Pal Activity

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