When I was in Young Women, I remember going and ‘Heart Attacking ward members houses (usually sick members that didn’t get to come to church every week). We loved it, and I know the ward members did also. We always got red, pink, and white poster board and cut out big hearts. We wrote little messages on them and then taped them to skewers, this way we could stick the hearts in the ground in their front yards (I grew up in Texas, so we never had to worry about snow).
While I was the Activity Day Leader we decided to Heart Attack the Bishop, but instead of heart attacking his house, we heart attacked his office door at the church. He really loved it. We also left him a little basket with treats. The girls really enjoyed this. (I don’t know where I got the idea from, I know someone posted an idea like this on Sugardoodle.)
I should have posted this earlier, sorry!!

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