Here’s an idea from July 2010 that goes along with this week’s Sharing Time Idea. I am still planning on posting an idea, but for now…here’s an old idea. 🙂
 I thought it would be good to start off the Sharing Time with a ‘wiggle’ activity (especially for Jr. Primary). So, I had the idea of playing ‘Simon Says’. That goes along with being obedient, so I figured that would be a good, fun game. You could also play ‘Follow the Leader’ or sing ‘Do As I’m Doing’.
I liked the ‘Identifying the doctrine’ in the Primary outline. So, I used that as the next part of my Sharing Time idea.
After you go over the scriptures you can choose one of the 3 ideas that I included to end the lesson. In the outline they had the idea of having the children suggest ways they can follow Jesus Christ’s example of obeying Heavenly Father’s commandments. I have included 3 different ways you could do this with the children. Each idea is fun and will include each child.
Click Here to view/print my 1st Week Sharing Time Idea for July.
Alright, I’m trying something new. I have embedded my document onto my blog to see if this helps those of you who can’t view,print, or download my documents. Let me know if this helps…if not I’ll just keep on emailing the idea. Thanks!!

17 thoughts on “Jesus Christ Always Obeyed Heavenly Father: Sharing Time July 2010

  1. Sarah

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with us. I’m glad that there was a link to your site through sugardoodle! I will definitely be coming here more often for your great ideas!


  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for all the work you put into your Blog. I don’t know what I would do without your creative ideas!


  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for your great ideas. found you through sugardoodle. I’m using your idea of the beanbag toss and the simon says. Thank you!


  4. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for putting together such a detailed and fun lesson plan. Our primary is very small so we combine 3-11 year olds in the same sharing time. This has so many great ideas that can hold all of their attention at the same time. I really appreciate all of your work. Thanks! –Lisa


  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for your ideas. I used this today in my sharing time and received positive reviews. Our small primary ranges in age from three thru eleven and they were all able to participate and contribute. Thanks!


  6. Vicky

    Thanx so much for your ideas. I used the footprints and simon says in primary last week and the kids loved it. Please keep us posted with more it really helps!
    Love Vicky South Africa


  7. m youngberg

    I was happy to see your post for July 2015. I will certainly use some of the activities. Your ideas are so helpful and wonderful – so age appropriate for the children.


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