When I am Baptized I make a Covenant with God

Click Here to print the keys and locks!!

Update: I have made my door poster! And I found my USB cord, yeah!

Here is the front of my poster…
I decided to print out pictures of children with the
words ‘I Promise’ up at the top. (I have to re-type it and make
it bigger.)   I don’t know if i’ll post the ‘Heavenly Father Promises…’ banner
beside the door or on the back-side of the door.

How I made the door: I drew the shape of the door and then cut.
(Don’t cut the left side of the door, so that it is still attached.)
Then I covered my door with brown cardstock. Oh, I forgot…I will probably
add a little door handle. Find your locks (mind came from Microsoft Word).
Then attach those to your door. I put a little piece of velcro on the top and
 bottom lock, just to make sure the door stayed closed. If you would like to add
some children print some out. I got mine from Mormonshare…I love these little
boys and girls! I thought this would help the children understand what we promise.

Here are the keys I will be using. I have the covenants,
that we make when we are baptized, taped on them.
For Sharing Time: When the children find the keys they will post them on the locks…like this.

Here is the inside of the door. I will have a picture of Heavenly Father/Jesus Christ
inside the door. On the back of the door it says ‘Heavenly Father Promises…’
Below it are the things that our Heavenly Father promises us.
(The little black strips is the velcro I used.)

There you go…nothing fancy. I hope this helps some of you out. Sorry it took so long to post…we had a long drive home today. 🙂

Click Here to print the Keys and Locks!


I’m sorry I have been such a slacker for this week’s Sharing Time. I have been thinking of what to do, but I just couldn’t come up with anything…maybe my brain is on vacation, haha. So, yesterday I drove down to Utah to spend a few days with my Sisters and my Mom (who flew up from Texas…yeah!!). I kept asking them if any of them had any good ideas that I could use, but with 9 crazy kids running around the house none of us really had time to think of ideas.
I was getting ready to post the only idea that I could think of (which is pretty much what is in the Primary Outline), and then my sister came up with this really cute idea!
She came up with an idea using a door, locks and keys (which represent our baptismal covenants). The children will find the keys and unlock each lock. Once all of the locks are unlocked the door will be able to open and reveal Heavenly Father’s Promise to us.
Click Here to view my Sharing Time idea for the 3rd week in May.
I am going to try to make my door and locks tonight, and post a picture on here tomorrow for all of you to see. So, come back in a few days if you would like to see an example of my door.
I Hope all of you have a wonderful Mother’s Day, you deserve it!!
(I’m sorry I didn’t post any ideas…I totally forgot to post ideas)

31 thoughts on “3rd Week Sharing Time Idea for May

  1. Candice

    Thank you so much for all the time and thought you put in to these ideas. I always look forward to seeing what great ideas you come up with. I was completely stumped on what to do for this sharing time. Your idea is perfect!


  2. Sheena

    Hi Carol,
    Thanks for the nice comment. Sorry, I haven’t posted my pictures yet, but I will tomorrow. I’ll actually be in Twin tomorrow, I have to stop there for a few things before heading back to Hailey.


  3. Natalie

    I am so grateful to have found your site with this fun idea for sharing time. I hope you find that cable… I could use some help with the door and locks. Thanks!


  4. Anonymous

    This idea is perfect! Especially since I will be teaching in front of the Primary Stake Presidency! Thanks, can’t wait to see the door you’ve made!


  5. Anonymous

    I found your blog just in time!! I LOVE this idea… like, ALOT. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your creative mind with us!


  6. Hill

    I really like the way your locks and keys came out could you post those on here where we could copy them ? My micro soft doesn’t have those. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas.


  7. Anonymous

    I love this idea thank you so much for sharing I always end up getting done a little early with my sharing times so this will be perfect to add to it.


  8. Sheena

    Thanks for all of your kind comments. I really alpreciate them.
    -I don’t have specific scripture references to share, bur I’ll be working on mine tomorrow. So if I find some to use I’ll be sure to share.
    -Hill: I will post those locks for you. I got them from my sister’s computer, i’ll call her and
    have her wmail them to me.


  9. Tahra

    What a smart idea! You certainly have a gift many of us wish we had. Thank you for helping us all make our own Sharing Time lessons that much better! Thank you for being so generous in sharing your ideas!!! 😀


  10. Jillyboo

    Which reference did you use for attending Church Meetings? I may just use a paragraph from a conference talk to touch on this one as Im not quite sure what to use.


  11. Emily

    using your idea today! The kids are going to be so excited to see what is behind the door. thanks for the easy and fun idea!


  12. Sheena

    Jillyboo- I found something that I’ll probably use from the Friend. It is “A Joyful Time” from the 1992 October Friend. It talks about the importance of attending Sacrament meeting, but I’ll probably add a little and tell them it’s important to come to Primary also because that’s where we can learn more about Jesus, etc. This article also talked a little about Standing as a Witness of God. Hope this helps. Thanks!!


  13. Sheena

    Tightwad Mom- I am so excited to receive an award! Thank you so much, I will head on over to your site. By the way…I love your site! I was looking at it the other day and saw your ‘Bountiful Basket’ post. But sadly we don’t have one near Hailey. Thanks again for the award and for visiting my blog.


  14. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing your talents with us – I love all your suggestions for sharing times! I’m hoping you post something for the 4th week in May (Holy Ghost).


  15. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your ideas! I just got put into the primary and this has been such a great help for me just starting out!!


  16. Lana

    Im having a hard time getting anything to come up with your link. Obviously others are getting it though. Do I need to subscribe on that web site in order to print or read anything? I would somehow love to get these locks and keys copied. THanks


  17. Anonymous

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have to do a Baptism Preview and this is wonderful! I know I’m late commenting but I just came across your blog. I just got put in the Primary presidency and let me tell you…..I am LOVING your blog!!! Thank you!


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