Sharing Time Idea from the 2015 Outline

Introduce the doctrine: Write “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God” (Mosiah 2:17) on the board and discuss its meaning. Help the children memorize it by dividing the scripture into two sections and having half of the children say the first part (“When ye are in the service of your fellow beings”) and the other half say the second part (“Ye are only in the service of your God”). Repeat several times.

Encourage understanding: Sing “When We’re Helping” (CS, 198), substituting the word serving for the wordhelping. Repeat the song, substituting other family members for mother (for example, father, brother, and sister). Invite the children to pantomime a service they could perform for that family member while they sing. Remind the children that when we serve others, we serve God.

Encourage application: Draw a clock on the chalkboard. Divide the children into groups and assign each group a different time of the day. Tell the children that they can serve their family anytime during the day. Say to the children, “Tick tock, tick tock, it’s time to serve at ____ o’clock!” Invite the group assigned to that time to stand, and allow them to share one way they could serve their family at that time of day. Repeat until all the groups have had a turn.


Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

I have a great Sharing Time idea for all of you today. It goes right along with what is shared in the outline, but I have put a fun little twist on the clock game. It is sure to be a hit! Enjoy!

Service Sharing Time Idea

To Begin Your Sharing Time

Begin your Sharing Time by doing the ‘Introduce the Doctrine’ idea from the outline.  Divide the scripture into sections, and then type it onto large pieces of paper. Invite several children (depending on how many sections you have) up to the front of the room, and ask them to hold your scripture ‘posters’. Have the child hold up the first part of the scripture:

“When ye are in the service of your fellow beings,”

Then have the second child hold up his/her poster:

“ye are only in the service of your God.”

I would say try to have 2-4 posters for the scripture.

After you have repeated the scripture several times, discuss its meaning. Discuss what ‘fellow beings’ means in the scripture. Then, explain to the children that when we serve our family, we are serving our Heavenly Father.



.This week’s activity idea is another great ‘Punch-A-Box’ game. Inside each of the cups will be activities that they can do during that time of day to serve members in their family. The children will punch a ‘cup’, and then will be playing ‘Service Charades’ and/or ‘Service Pictionary’ while the remaining children guess what service they are acting out or drawing. Here’s how to create your very own ‘Service Clock.’

What You Will Need:

Foam Board (I forgot to label that)

Tissue Paper: Cut into squares {make sure the square is larger than the mouth of the cup}.

12 Plastic Cups

12 Rubber Bands

My Printables for the clock hands & Numbers

Glue or Brads

You will also need 12 slips of paper with different ‘service activities’ that the children will be acting out or drawing.

Examples: Help cook dinner, Wash the dishes, Help younger sister get ready for school, mow the lawn, etc. Just make sure you have an activity for each hour on the clock.

How To Create a Service Clock

Grab your foam board and place 12 plastic cups on it to form a circle. I started by placing the cups in the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. Then I just filled in the remaining cups.


Once you have the cups where you want them, grab some glue (hot glue), and glue each cup to the foam board. To reinforce it even better, you can use brads. Just poke the brad through the bottom of the cup and foam board. Be sure to glue ALL the cups down first, and then add the brads. That way you can flip the board over to open up the brad after you have poked it through.

Once you have glued all your cups to the boards, go ahead and place your ‘Service Activities’ into each cup. Once each of your cups is filled you can go ahead and cover each cup with tissue paper.

I used 2 sheets of tissue paper for each cup, but feel free to use just one (it would be easier to ‘punch’). Place your tissue paper on the mouth of the cup. Then grab a rubber band and place it over the tissue paper AND the mouth of the cup. I usually use two hands to place the rubber band around the cup. You can also choose to glue the tissue paper to the cup.


Once you have your cups covered with tissue paper, you can attach the clock numbers!

Service Sharing Time Idea

And you can go ahead and add the hands!

If you would like to be able to move the hands, be sure to print them onto heavy cardstock. Then attach the hands to the foam board with a brad.

Once your numbers and hands are on…you’re done! Ready to play!



Tell the children that they can serve their family any time during the day. Show the children your ‘service clock, and tell that that today you have brought in a special ‘Service Clock’ to help teach us how we can serve our family.

Explain that inside of each of the numbers is an activity that you might do to serve a family member at that time of day. Tell the children that some services are for the morning, afternoon, and night.

Invite a child up to the front, and punch a number!

Service Sharing Time Idea

Have the child get the slip of paper out of the cup, and have them decide if they would like to act it out or draw it. Tell the other children if the service is for the morning, afternoon, or night. Some will be obvious…like 3:00, I hope no one is serving their family at 3 AM! haha

Have the children guess until the correct answer is given. You could have the child that guessed correctly come up and pick the next ‘time’.

Continue until all numbers have been punched, or until time runs out.


You can close by singing a song. Challenge the children to serve their family over the next week. Bear your testimony of the importance of service.

Would you like to make your own ‘Service Clock’ for your Primary? Click the links below to print out my Clock Hands & my Clock Numbers!

Click HERE top print my Service Clock Hands.

Click HERE to print my Service Clock Numbers.


I hope you enjoy this week’s Sharing Time Idea! I would love to hear if you use it, and how it went, so come back and leave me a comment.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!


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22 thoughts on “{Sharing Time} When I serve my family, I serve God.

  1. Camille

    I love punch a box activities! They are so great during Primary that I do them for birthday parties too- before the kids leave, the punch one to get their party favor. I like the way you made this into a cute clock.


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  3. Jessica

    What a fantastic Idea!! IT really is great! The outline, (although very helpful and fantastic in its own way) I found to be not that great this week activity wise for our primary. But something like this I KNOW the kids are just going to love and sit oh-so-reverently hoping i pick them to punch the next number 🙂


  4. Lindsay Florence

    Thank you, thank you! I really appreciate you sharing your ideas for Sharing Time. I look at about 3 or 4 different websites that share ideas and yours are the ones I usually end up using. 🙂 This website has been a huge blessing for me!


  5. Kellie

    This is absolutely perfect for tomorrow’s sharing time! Such a great idea–it fits like a glove with the sharing time outline. Thanks for a great game! I appreciate your willingness to share!


  6. Rachelle

    I’m using this game tomorrow, and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this awesome idea! I love things that can embellish what we’ve been given from the outline, without feeling like we’re replacing them.


  7. Elaina

    Looks like a fun Sharing Time idea but I’m planning two Sharing Times back to back so I looked up your postings of the same Titles you posted a few years ago and did the one today. Such good ideas no matter what year you posted them. Thanks for keeping the old posts on your website.


  8. camille

    I used your idea last week & the kids wanted sharing time to keep going! I love how you stick with the outline and add a creative & fun way to teach it to the children. Thank you so much for sharing!


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