April Fools Singing Time Idea

Hey y’all! It’s Mary here with another free printable from the Little LDS Ideas Creative Team! This month, Easter and April Fools Day fall on the same Sunday. What a strange combination of holidays, right? I really wanted to incorporate that into my singing time and after a lot of thought, I came up with the perfect solution! Then I realized that Easter/April Fools Sunday is also General Conference Sunday. I decided to go ahead with this idea because I still think it would be fun for the kids and a great way to review! So, here’s my April Fools Singing Time Idea! (That will be used after April Fools…)



For this April Fools singing time idea, I made printable invitations! I’ll choose a reverent child to take an invitation into the hallway (I would probably have a presidency member or teacher accompany the little ones.) Their job will be to find an adult and give them the invitation. That adult will follow them back to the primary room where we’ll sing them one of our program songs to review!

When I thought that this would be the lesson on Easter/April Fools Sunday, I incorporated those holidays in the following way. You could definitely still discuss these points with the kids:

April Fools: It’s kind of backwards caroling. We all know kids love the idea behind Opposite Day and they’ll think it’s really funny to go out in the hallways and drag adults to primary!

Easter: By inviting people to listen to our primary songs, we are following Christ’s example. He always wanted to include everyone and share the Gospel!



The senior primary might get bored with this after a few rounds, especially since they already know a lot of this year’s program songs! You could ask the guests what their favorite songs are and sing those instead for a little variety. Or, you could make this into a friendly competition by using the two different colors in the printable to divide the kids into teams. Send two children and see who comes back faster! Or send out multiple kids and see which team can gather more adults!



I made two versions of the printable for y’all! One with colored borders and one without. If you’d like to save on ink, but still want colors, cut out circles of construction paper and glue the invitations on!


CLICK HERE to download my April Fools Singing Time Idea printable in color!

CLICK here to download the printable in black and white


I hope you enjoy this fun April Fools Singing Time Idea and use it in your primary. I would love to hear if you do, so be sure to leave us a comment letting us know. Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a Happy Easter!


Mary Probst

Mary Probst

Mary grew up in Florida, where she developed a love of beaches, Cuban food, and all things Disney. After a time in Utah to get her degree in English teaching from BYU, she now lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband, daughter, and cat. She loves reading, crocheting, cooking, baking, and writing! She is currently working on her first novella.

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