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Life is hard. And sometimes we just need some hope. Hope that God is with us, and hope that things will get better. Hope that our lives are going the right direction.

This printable is meant to be hopeful and inspirational. If you are trying your best, and the path seems to be uphill, take heart. You are not alone.

In a BYU devotional address given on January 25th, 2005, President Henry B. Eyring said:

“The Lord is anxious to lead us to the safety of higher ground, away from the path of physical and spiritual danger. His upward path will require us to climb. My mother used to say to me when I complained that things were hard, “If you are on the right path, it will always be uphill.” And as the world becomes darker and more dangerous, we must keep climbing. It will be our choice whether or not to move up or to stay where we are. But the Lord will invite and guide us upward by the direction of the Holy Ghost, which He sends to His leaders and to His people who will receive it.”

(You can read the full address here.)

LDS Inspirational Quote

This LDS Inspirational Printable comes in 2 sizes: 8×10 & 4×6. The 4×6 is perfect for handouts and the 8×10 looks great in a frame on a mantle or table. These also makes great gifts!

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Click HERE to download this printable as an 8×10 jpg.


Click HERE to download this printable as an 4×6 jpg.


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  1. Sammi Clark

    Thank you so much for that Pres. Eyring printable! It’s beautiful…I immediately printed off 5 to frame and give as a gift!


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