UPDATE 4/8/13: The Portuguese version is now ready! It’s just below the English version. And I have also included a larger version for those that need larger print or if you would like to use it as a poster/sign. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry for the lack of ideas recently. For Spring Break my family and I drove down to Texas to visit my family.
I thought I would have time to sit and relax and share some ideas, but we have been going, going, going. We are so tired, but we have had so much fun.
I did have some down time (as we drove) to work on this monthโ€™s Visiting Teaching message.
Here it is…what do you think?

Itโ€™s officially Spring now, so I wanted a fun Spring handout.
Just click the link below to print yours out.

*This Printable has 2 VT handouts & each handout is about 5โ€X5โ€.
{It measures about 8″X 8″}

Portuguese Printable
Here is the Portuguese version. Just click the link to print. ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanks again Dani!

I had someone ask for a larger version for those that have a hard time seeing smaller print. I will get that done and post it in the next day or two. Thanks!

Have a wonderful day!


14 thoughts on “April 2013 Visiting Teaching Message Printable: English & Portuguese

  1. dottieR

    So good to see you and your sweet family Sunday. Thanks for sharing your talents.
    I use your handouts on the RS bulletin board each month. Love you.


    1. Sheena

      I was so surprised to see your comment. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was so good to see you too while we were home, I only wish we could do it more often. I’m so glad you like the handouts. If you ever need anything just let me know. Love you!


  2. tll

    Love this handout and thank you! I’m unable to always go visiting teaching each month due to illness but I do try to make something each month along with a handout that my companion can take for me. This one is going to go with a small flowering plant which is perfect for the message and the time of year here. Thanks again!


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