UPDATE: I now have my VT printable in Portuguese and Spanish! Click the appropriate link to download!

I am so excited to share this month’s Visiting Teaching idea and printables with you. When I read this month’s message I knew exactly what I wanted to share. I just had to figure out which quotes, and what I wanted to the printables to look like. I got to work, and finished with a couple days to spare. 😉 I hope you enjoy this month’s idea as much as I do.

August 2016 VT Message

I LOVE this month’s message! And it’s something that we can all work on…being just a little kinder to other, especially those in our own homes. Life can get pretty hectic, so hectic that we might forget to let those special people in our lives know how much we care, or we might get so overwhelmed at times that we can get a little grumpy and take it out on the people we love most (raising my hand…guilty of this one!)

For this month’s idea I thought it would be a lot of fun to make a chapstick label to remind ourselves to ‘speak’ kindly. I came across a quote that was re-worded from a scripture, and I knew it would work perfect for my chapstick label!

August 2016 LDS Visiting Teaching

The scripture is Proverbs 16:24, but the quote says:

“Kind words are like ‘honey,’ sweet to the soul and healthy for the body!”

Isn’t that the greatest quote! And it went along great with my ‘Burt’s Bees chapstick that I absolutely LOVE! Now, if you’re not feeling the chapstick idea then attach my ‘Honey’ tag to a bottle of honey or some ‘Bit o Honey’ candies or anything that has to do with ‘honey’. This would work especially well for older gals that can’t see as well. The chapstick labels are kind of tiny, but I tried to make the font as big and as clear as possible. 🙂


Family Love Notes

Along with my chapstick/honey idea, I wanted to incorporate some ‘Family Love Notes’. Grab a pack of Sticky Notes and encourage your sisters or your own family to leave random notes for everyone in their home or even leave notes for others (mailman, friends, teachers, etc.). Wouldn’t it just brighten your day to find a little sticky note with a fun and uplifting message? Even just a ‘HI’ with a cute little smiley face would brighten my day!

I created two quote cards to go along with the pack of Sticky Notes. One of the quotes is:

“One of the best ways to invite love and harmony into our homes is by speaking kindly to our family members.” (From the August 2016 Visiting Teaching Message)

The other card has the question:

“How often do we intentionally ‘speak kind words to each other’?” This question was asked by Sister Linda K Burton during her talk titled, “We’ll Ascend Together”. In that same talk, Sister Burton also shared 5 questions and asked us to personally ponder each question. I loved the questions and wanted to include them with this month’s idea.


August 2016 Visiting Teaching Idea

There’s a quick peek at my printables for this month, but now let’s talk about putting them together to make a cute little gift! I am going to show you how I put together a cute little gift using the sticky notes and the chapstick. Here is what you’ll need:

LDS Relief Society Visiting Teaching

Sticky Notes, Chapstick, String/twine, and my Printables (link at bottom of post). First you’ll need to print out my printables and cut them out. To create a label for the chapstick, print on sticker or label paper. I usually buy the full sheet labels (8.5X11) and then cut accordingly. For the other quote cards feel free to print on paper or cardstock.


Speak Kind Words Chapstick Label

Once you’ve got it cut, grab your chapstick and place it on. Try to get it even as possible, so the label is smooth and straight.

Now that you’ve got your chapstick label on, let’s put it all together!


Grab your sticky notes and the Sticky Note quote cards. I simply laid the quote cards on top of my sticky notes (no gluing or taping). Once I had those on, I placed the chapstick on top. Then, using some cute string/twine, I wrapped it around a few times and then tied a knot.

LDS Visiting Teaching

Now all you have to do, is schedule a visit with those wonderful ladies! You can tell them that the chapstick is to remind them to speak kindly, and the sticky notes are to make an effort to speak kindly to those around them by leaving fun notes of appreciation, support, or just a simple fun note.



I have teamed up with 2 amazing ladies to translate my Visiting Teaching printables into Spanish and Portuguese. I am so thankful for their time and hard work.

Brenda Soares will be translating my printables into Portuguese. Brenda blogs over at My LDS Groves, and has some great printables on there, so be sure to visit her there. She even offers her printables in English, HERE!

Delay Pino is the wonderful lady behind the Spanish translations. Delmy contacted me a few weeks ago offering to translate for me. I am so excited to work with her and offer more of my printables in Spanish!

Let us know if there are any printables you would like to see in Portuguese or Spanish, and we will get busy working on it.


Click HERE to print my English August 2016 VT Printables!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Click HERE to print my Portuguese August 2016 VT Printables!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Click HERE to print my Spanish August 2016 VT Printables!


I hope you enjoy this months Visiting Teaching idea and printables, and are able to use them for the sisters you visit. I would love to hear if you do, and what you decide to create, so leave me a comment.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

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42 thoughts on “{Visiting Teaching} August 2016: Nurturing Families Together

  1. Staci Langford

    Love your site! The August message with the “honey” theme is so cute!

    Is it possible to make a version of the question card that doesn’t have or rewords the question for divorced sisters: “When was the last time I sincerely praised my companion…”.? I VT a divorced sister that is super sensitive to the “alone” parenting she has to do. All the other questions on this card apply to her perfectly, but I want to be sensitive to her situation.


    1. littleldsideas Post author

      Thanks Staci! I was actually thinking that as I was creating these, but I was in a hurry to get them done. 🙂 I will work on that and post it…hopefully this week. Thanks so much!


  2. Charlotte Cook

    Thank you so much for your time and effort to share the wonderful ideas you have to make it easier and more fun to make our good intentions happen. Love and hugs!
    (This is my “sticky” note to you.)


    1. littleldsideas Post author

      You are so sweet, Charlotte! Thanks for the ‘sticky note’. 🙂 I wish I could send a sticky note to every one that reads my blog, and leaves me such sweet comments.


  3. Feliza

    I love all of your beautiful Relief Society Printables but I would like to know if possible to have some in Spanish it will be so useful!


  4. Vanesa Rastelli

    Hi Sheena, do you have a customize version, I love it!. But I need it in Spanish and I want to translate it. let me know if is any way. Thanks anyways!!!!


    1. littleldsideas Post author

      Hi Vanesa! I emailed a Sister that was willing to translate my printables for me, but I haven’t heard from her. If you would like to download my English version and then email me the translation, I will change it and post it on my blog. You can email me at littleldsideas(at)hotmail(dot)com. 🙂


  5. Laurie Hunsaker

    Thank you for All your hard work Sheena. My Sisters love the gifts. I will be back every month. This is my second month as a Visiting Teacher.

    God Bless you.


  6. Diane

    Thank you for sharing your talents with us! Your printables are great, and I think this month’s are my favorite. Thank you a million times!


  7. Bruna Vernice

    Oi! Amo seu blog, não entendo muito a língua inglesa mas me esforço para acompanhar seu blog!
    Quanta espiritualidade você passa, que nosso Pai Celestial continue te abençoando com inspiração!
    Obrigada por compartilhar!
    Um beijo, com amor.


  8. Tricia

    I am hoping someone can help me. I absolutely love this but when I print it on my laser printer the yellow is a weird yellow green. Any suggestions?


    1. littleldsideas Post author

      Hi Tricia. Sorry it’s printing in a weird color. I don’t have a laser printer, so I’m not much help. The only other option I thought of was having it printed somewhere else. Hope you get it figured out. 🙂


  9. Brenna H.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and work on this! 🙂 It was just what I needed this morning when looking for some inspiration.


  10. Sara

    This is great! Thank you so much! I put the “honey” quote with a Kind Oats & Honey Bar and it turned out so cute!


  11. Jessica Sandberg

    Thank you soooooo much for making these available in Spanish! I am beyond ecstatic! I LOVE your stuff and rely on them every week, whether it be for Primary or VT. Thank you for your kind heart in sharing these with us!


  12. Morgan Hight

    Hello! First of all, I adore these and am so thankful you made it to where we can print these. But I am a little stuck on something and I was wondering if you could help?
    I know this may be a silly question, but on the chapstick printables, the top yellow bar has three alternative scriptures talking about the power of your words. However, I cannot tell what book your last scripture is in. To me it reads “dec 25:5” but im not sure if I am reading it wrong? Anyways, I was just wondering what book this is.


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