I can’t believe February is halfway order and I am just now getting my February 2017 Visiting Teaching Idea up! At the beginning of the month my family and I traveled to Utah so I could attend a blog conference (which was so fun). This month has also been full of sick children, basketball (4 nights a week, ugh), our 13th Anniversary (woohoo!), Valentine’s Day, school (for me), and all kinds of other stuff. I almost didn’t post an idea, but then I decided to just sit down and get it done!

When I first read the message, weeks ago, I thought about what I could include with this month’s message. After reading through it a few times I finally decided what I was going to share this month. I hope you like it!

February 2017 Visiting Teaching Printable

After I read the scripture from Isaiah, included in the message, Christ has “graven [us] upon the palms of [His] hands,” I knew I wanted to share something that had to do with hands. While at the store one day, I saw a package of wet wipes, and thought they’d be perfect!

You could also use gloves, lotion, anything to do with ‘hands’. My wet wipes then sat on my counter for a couple weeks, haha, until today!

February 2017 Visiting Teaching Idea

I had a minute to sit down and work on this month’s printable, but I couldn’t decide on just one quote or one scripture. So, I decided to make another little booklet of quote cards like this Visiting Teaching Idea last July.

The first card includes the title of this month’s message. The second card includes the scripture from Isaiah. I decided to include an image of a hand since we’re using wet wipes. The third card is another amazing quote from the message, and the 4th is the ‘Consider This’ question.

February 2017 Visiting Teaching Idea

The wet wipes would also make a GREAT object lesson, one that I have used in Primary many times. I like to call it the Chocolate Syrup lesson. You start with 2 clean hands and explain that that is how we are after we are baptized, but over time we all sin. This is where the chocolate syrup comes in, you could make up a scenario of a ‘sin’ and squirt a little chocolate syrup onto your (or someone else’s) hands. Then share another scenario and add a little bit more. You then ask if their hands are clean.

That’s when you pull out the wet wipes and explain that through the Atonement we are able to repent and be made clean again.

Visiting Teaching Idea

You could share this idea with the sisters you visit and encourage them to share it with their family for quick and easy Family Home Evening. In addition to the object lesson, they could share the quotes from this month’s message.

I also loved this quote from Linda K. Burton…why didn’t I include this on a card?!? I think I’m going to have to because it’s so great:


“That supreme act of love ought to send each of us to our knees in humble prayer to thank our Heavenly Father for loving us enough that He send His Only Begotten and perfect Son to suffer for our sins, our heartaches, and all that seems unfair in our own individual lives” (Linda K Burton).


Click HERE to print my February 2017 Visiting Teaching Idea!


I hope you enjoy this month’s Visiting Teaching Idea, and use it for the sisters you visit OR as a fun Family Home Evening idea. I would love to hear if you use this idea, so be sure to leave me a comment letting me know OR snap a picture and tag me on Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.

4 thoughts on “{Relief Society} February 2017: Christ’s Atonement Is Evidence of God’s Love

  1. Marisa

    Sheena, you are incredibly talented, spiritual and generous with your time. I can’t wait to share your idea with the sister I visit teach.

    I’m also our ward Primary Secretary and love everything you provide to make our lives easier. Can’t thank you enough!


    1. littleldsideas Post author

      Thank you, Marissa. You are so sweet. I am so glad to hear that you like the idea and will be sharing them with the sisters you visit. 🙂 Thank you for your sweet comment.


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