This month I decided to do something a little different for the VT printable.
I decided to make a double-sided bookmark/handout for the message this month.

On the front of the bookmark you have quotes that discuss ‘Spiritual Self-Reliance’ along with several scriptures from the VT message found in this month’s Ensign.
On the back you have quotes that discuss ‘Temporal Self-Reliance’ along with 5 ways/ideas to help us become more self-reliant that was listed in the ‘From Our History’ section of the VT message
Along with the handout, I thought it would be fun to include a little treat tag to go along with the VT printable. Because who doesn’t love a delicious treat?

You could print these on paper and punch a hole and attach to a yummy treat OR print my tags onto sticker paper and use the sticker to seal a cute bag of treats.
Here’s what I came up with!

 My printer decided to run out of ink right when I decided to print the treat tags, so my treats didn’t include the tag.

 But wouldn’t a sticker tag work great for my little chevron bag?
I think so. 🙂 And just take a look at that cookie!
It’s not home-made, sorry. I was doing good enough to print it out and get it all together.
I had to get a little help in the cookie department. But believe me, the cookie is still yummy, even if it wasn’t home-made.
Would your VT sisters enjoy a nice little treat along with their message? Then click below to print my bookmark & treat tag.

I would love to see what you do for your sisters if you decide to use my treat tag & bookmark, so be sure to snap a pic and share on Facebook or email it to me, so I can share it.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!

{Available in Portuguese SOON! And if anyone would be willing to translate into Spanish please send me an email. :)}

5 thoughts on “September VT Message Printable: Self-Reliance

  1. Anonymous

    this is my very first time doing visit teaching and i really have no idea what i am doing! so glad i stumbled on to your page! thank you!! :)hope my ladys will enjoy this as much as i do!


  2. Suzanne


    Every month I look for a ‘special’ supplement to go along with the visiting teaching message. I’ve been to your website before, so I thought I’d try it this month and was glad I did!

    LoVeD, LoVeD, LoVeD the bookmark to give to my sweet sisters, but I wanted them to be the size of a regular bookmark…So I enlarged them.
    And instead of gluing the front and back together, I printed back to back.
    With my HP6500 printer, I printed the first sheet of [4] which says, ‘Front/Back Front/Back…took it out of the tray.
    Eexactly how I took it out, I put it in the ‘feeding’ tray ‘print’ side up.
    Pressed ‘PRINT’ Then as the sheet came around the roller, it starts with [Front]. The first sheet ended with [Back]–so all of them are in perfect order!
    It was fun and I even laminated them and added a hole punch with ribbon!
    I admire your talent I look forward to seeing what you dream up next time!

    ThanK YoU, Sheena!

    Your sister in the Gospel,


  3. Brenda

    Thank you for this great idea and hard work you have put into this. I have used these quotes before as my ward’s ER Preparedness specialist but this will come in very handy. Spet is Nat’l Preparedness Month and I am going to hit is off with this cute idea.


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