Here is my idea for the 1st week of August:
I decided it would be really neat if you had some adults come in and act like some of the people that Jesus performed miracles for. I thought that the children would enjoy it and it would be very spiritual.
You will need to choose 3-5 stories for this sharing time and find the corresponding Gospel Art Kit Pictures. Post the pictures onto a poster-board, chalk board or a bulletin board.
For your Sharing Time, you will have each person come in one at a time and share their story with the children (the amount of stories depends on how long each on is). After the person has shared their story they will choose one of the children to come up and choose which GAK picture goes with the story they just shared.
After all the guests have come in and shared their story you will ask them a few questions about miracles.
And that’s it…pretty simple, but I think it will be great.
Click Here to view my Sharing Time idea for the 1st week of August.

6 thoughts on “1st Week of August Sharing Time Idea: Jesus Christ is a God of Miracles

  1. Anonymous

    When choosing the stories you want acted out, you may want to consider the suggested activity in the Sharing Time Outline for Week 3. It suggests pretty much this same thing, specifically mentioning the stories of Lazarus, Jarius’s daughter, the widow’s son, and the Resurrection… Just in case you are not the one in charge of week 3 and don’t want to step on the other person’s toes….


  2. SSBenjamins

    I really appreciate your site: I am going to use the sharing time and make it work for my daughter’s talk: I have stressed all week and I am SO glad I found your site, Thanks for taking the time to help all of us out there who are looking for it. Take care.


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