Here is my idea for the 4th week Sharing Time for June. I found a really cute idea from a past Friend on And once again I forgot to write what Month and Year it was from. But it came from The Friend.
You have 5 children come up and anwer different things that they may know by using their senses. Some of the chidren are blindfolded and have to taste, smell, listen, feel, and see different items.
After the 5 senses game you will go over the scripture Moroni 10:5. I have given different examples of doing this. They’re really fun and include all of the children.
And then last, you talk about the things that we can learn/know from the Holy Ghost. You will have these typed/written on pieces of paper (you can also use pictures). The children will select one and then post it on the board. Then you will discuss what it is with the children.
At our Presidency meetings we have talked about way of keeping the childrens’ attention during Primary. By having several different activities for your Sharing Time it will help keep their attention. So, that’s what I tried to do with this. There are 3 different activities that you can do for this Sharing Time. All are fun and will keep the children entertained while learning about the Holy Ghost. I hope you like it!
Click Here to view my Sharing Time idea for the 4th week of June.
I’ve had a few people email me saying they can’t view my files. If you ever have any problems viewing any of my files, please email me and let me knowm, so I can email it to you. I have no idea why this happens, but it is not a problem for me to email the file. Thanks!!

14 thoughts on “4th Week Sharing Time Idea for June

  1. heather

    I had mine half way planned and was still wondering how I could start it. This is a great idea. I just love everything you do.
    You know, in this month’s friend there is something that goes with week 4 sharing time. I will be making a larger model of it and using it for senior sharing time.


  2. Heidi

    What a great idea!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this…I really needed something to jump start my brain this week! THANK YOU!


  3. Kim

    Thanks so much for this darling idea….I am new at sharing time, and can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! You have made my life so much easier…thanks agian!


  4. Dawn Adams

    I just ran across this idea from another website. It is very cute. Do you mind if I use it on Sunday? How exciting I see you little bog everywhere:)


  5. Bryn

    Thank you so much! I love how interactive your Sharing Times are and how they are especially aware of wiggly Jr. Primary children. This is a great Sharing Time. Thank you for Sharing!


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