God speaks through prophets.
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Alright, here is my 4th week Sharing Time Idea for March. I found an idea on http://www.lds.org/ that had a really neat way of showing the children how Heavenly Father speaks through His prophets (sorry, I cannot remember what Friend it came from, I really need to get better at writing down where exactly I got all of these ideas from).
So, since I made up a diagram to show you, I couldn’t just post it as a normal post, I had to save it as a PDF. I also shared a game with you that I played last year for one of my Sharing Times (I’ll have to download that and share that game with you, but that will be another time, back to this idea). It is ‘Cranium’. I don’t know if all of you have played Cranium, but it is alot of fun. For this Sharing Time, I just used a part of the cranium game (the charade, drawing, and sculpting part).  So, take a look. I hope you like it!
Enough of my talking here is a Sharing Time idea for
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Update: One of the scripture references that I listed is wrong. I have Paul 6:1Paul; Obey your Parents, yeah that is really wrong, it’s supposed to be Ephesians 6:1-Paul; Obey your Parents. Thanks Sunny for finding my mistake!!

18 thoughts on “4th Week Sharing Time Idea for March

  1. Annie G.

    Great idea…thanks so much! I have been stressing over a fun way to teach this week and your lesson fits the bill perfectly!!! Thanks for helping me out!


  2. kimhumpherys

    hi sheena,

    thanks for this great idea! i’m excited to use it! however, i’m not tech savvy and was wondering how you created those playing cards. i’d like to create more! how do you create those boxes and then type inside them? my email is kimhumpherys@yahoo.com thanks!


  3. Sarah

    Thank you for sharing your ideas, what a wonderful way to use the scriptures. The kids will be so excited and engaged. Thank you again!


  4. sunny

    thanks for this great idea. i was going through the lesson plan and noticed one of the scripture references was wrong. you put paul 6:1 and it’s really ephesians.

    i’m so excited to do this in sharing time tomorrow! thank you so much!


  5. Sheena

    Thanks for letting me know. The children would have had a hard time finding Paul 6:1 :). Thanks for the comment! Let me know how your sharing time goes.


  6. Anonymous

    excelent idea I’m going to teach it tomorrow in my sahring time, i will teach it in spanish, thanks a lot
    Jennyfer Chavez
    Cerritos II ward, Cerritos CA


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