Sharing Time Idea from 2011 Primary Outline
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (reading scriptures): On one side of the board write, “Commandments” and the following scripture reference: D&C 89:7-9, 12, 14, 16.  On the other side, write “Promises” and the following scripture reference: D&C 89:18-21.  Have half of the children read the first set of scriptures and look for commandments the Lord has given us in the Word of Wisdom.  Have the other children read the remaining scriptures and look for blessings He has promised us if we obey.  Discuss what the commandments and blessings mean.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (playing a game): Invite one child to say, “I will live the Word of Wisdom by _______________” and fill in the blank with something he or she will do to live the Word of Wisdom.  Then invite another child to repeat the phrase and the first child’s response and then add his or her response.  Ask a third child to repeat the phrase and both of the other children’s responses and then add another response.  Repeat as time allows, with each child adding a response. 

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
Here are 2 ideas from the May 2002 ‘Friend’ Magazine (Sharing Time: Ye are the Temple of God).
I love the second one, it would work great for Junior Primary.

Idea #1: Teach about the Word of Wisdom by playing a scripture scavenger hunt for some of the foods that are good for us to eat. Teach the children how to use the Topical Guide in the Bible. Show how to find words alphabetically and how to read the scripture references; then locate that scripture. Practice with the word food. Read several of the references and choose D&C 89:16 to locate. Have the children read it aloud as a choral reading. Review the promised blessings of obeying the Word of Wisdom by reading with them D&C 89:18–21.

Divide the Primary into groups of two or three children. Each group should have a set of scriptures. Give each group a pencil and a scavenger-hunt list with words such as apple, bread, corn, fish, fruit, grain, grape, herb, honey, meat, milk, and wheat. The children find one of the words in the Topical Guide, write a reference by it, then locate the scripture and raise their hands. A teacher or adult leader listens to them read the scripture, then puts her/his initials next to the word. Repeat the process for all the words on the list. When the groups have completed their lists, have the children share with the Primary some of the scriptures they have found. Bear testimony of the blessings you have received by obeying the Word of Wisdom. Sing “The Word of Wisdom” (pp. 154–155).
Idea #2: Divide the Primary into two groups. Make two sets of paper body parts—head, torso, arms, legs, hands, feet, eyes, nose, mouth, hair. In a container, place pictures from magazines (or draw them) of various foods, drinks, and other items that are either good or bad for the body. Have the children take turns drawing items from the container. If the item is good for you, they add a part to their group’s body. If the item is bad, they must remove a body part. Continue playing until one group has completed a body.
Here are some other ideas I came up with:
Idea #1: You could also do a type of scripture chase/hunt. Split the children into 2 groups. At the front of the room have 2 posters (one for each team). The posters will be split into two columns: ‘Commandments’ and the other side ‘Blessings’ (similar to the one in the outline). Have the answers (each commandment and blessing) typed or written onto pieces of paper (a set of answers for each team). On the floor in front of the posters place the answers face down (or have them on a table in front/beside each poster).
Then give each team a list of the scriptures: D&C 89:7-9; D&C 89:12; D&C 89:14; D&C 89:16 & D&C 89:18-21; this is the list from the outline).
Tell the children that they are going to have a scripture chase. Show them the poster and explain that they are going to be searching the scriptures for commandments and blessings concerning the Word of Wisdom. Then show them the pieces of papers on the floor and explain that these are the answers they are looking for. Tell the children that they are going to look up the scriptures and read it aloud to their team. They must decide what commandment/blessing is being discussed in that scripture. Once they think they have the answer they will then come to the front (one person) and look for the answer in the ‘answer pile’. Once the answer is found they will need to post it under the correct column.
Play until one team has found all the answers and have them posted correctly. Talk about the Word of Wisdom and what things are harmful for our bodies and why or have the team share what they read about. Then discuss the blessing of obeying the Word of Wisdom. Bear your testimony.
Idea #2: When I first read this idea in the outline I thought it might be kind of fun to somehow make a person with an open mouth and then cut-out the mouth. Have the person attached to a bucket or container (have the bucket behind the person). Then find some pictures of food (good and bad). Read the scriptures listed in the outline and as you read have a child tell you what the scripture is talking about. Then have the child come to the front and pick the picture it is talking about and if it is good ‘feed’ it to the person & if it is bad throw it in the garbage (You could have a tiny little garbage with a sign on it).
I thought the younger kids would probably like ‘feeding’ the little person and it would help them to understand that we need to be careful what we put into our bodies. After you have fed your ‘person’ all the good foods share the scripture of the blessing from the Word of Wisdom. Bear your testimony.
Alright, so there are some ideas that I thought would go along with this week’s topic. Hope you like them.
And I hope you have a great weekend and a fabulous Sharing Time!

6 thoughts on “Living the Word of Wisdom shows respect for my body: 3rd Week Sharing Time Idea for August

  1. Sims Family

    Great ideas! The last one reminded me of a puppet I have from the old woman who swallowed a fly. I am going to use that for junior primary and put food in her mouth! Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Jessie

    I made a box with a face and a trash and cut holes out for the mouth and the opening of the trash can for the kids to figure out where to put the different items, and it worked for junior and senior primary. Thanks!


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