Sharing Time Ideas from the 2015 Outline

Introduce the doctrine: Place a picture of a full-time missionary on the board. Tell the children that they will read some scriptures about missionary work. Assign half of the children to read Matthew 28:19–20 and the other half to read Doctrine and Covenants 133:37. Invite them to identify what they learn about missionary work from the scriptures, and discuss it with the whole Primary. Ask children who have a family member currently serving a mission to share their feelings about missionary work.

Encourage understanding and application: Have the children stand and sing “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission” (CS, 169). Tell the children that Heavenly Father wants the gospel to be preached in all the world and they can prepare now to be missionaries. In a container, place objects that will remind the children of ways they can prepare to serve a mission, such as scriptures, Sunday shoes, a tithing slip, and a paper heart. Have a child choose an object from the container and share how doing what it represents can help them prepare to be missionaries.


Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

I love the Encourage Understanding & Application’ idea given in the outline. Today I am sharing a similar activity that will help the children think about how they can prepare now to be a missionary, and what may NOT be helping them. Enjoy!


For this Sharing Time you will need a suitcase filled with all kinds of objects. You will need objects that represent things that can help us prepare for a mission now-examples: scriptures, Sunday shoes, a tithing slip, a paper heart, Preach My Gospel, The Friend, etc. 

You will also need other objects that may NOT help us prepare for a mission- examples: Movies, video games, books/magazines, etc.

You will also need 3 pictures. These will be used for the beginning of the lesson. Make sure one of the pictures is a picture of missionaries. The other 2 pictures could be a picture of the Prophet, a Primary class, a family, etc.


To Begin Your Sharing Time:

Post the 3 pictures in different areas of the Primary Room. Or you can have them posted on a chalkboard or on a table.

Split the primary into 2 groups (or more if needed), and hand each group a scripture (use the scripture references from the outline). If you do more than one group just give the same scripture to multiple groups, or find another scripture that talks about missionary work.

Explain to the children that they will need to read the scripture and discuss what it is talking about. Then they will find the picture that represents their scripture and stand by it (they can do this as a group or just have one person from each group).

Give them a few minutes to do this activity. At the end everyone should be standing by the picture of the missionaries. Invite some of the children to identify what they learn about missionary work from the scriptures, and discuss it with the whole Primary.


Missionary Suitcase Activity

Have everyone sit down, and bring out your suitcase filled with different objects. Tell the children that Heavenly Father wants the gospel to be preached in all the world and they can prepare now to be missionaries. Tell the children that today you brought your special ‘Missionary Suitcase’ to primary. Explain that inside the suitcase are a whole bunch of different items. Tell the children that you will be inviting one person up at a time to choose an item out of the suitcase.

How to Play:

Invite a child up to the front and have them pick an object out of the suitcase. You could also blind fold the child, that way they don’t know what they’re picking.

Have the child look at the item and decide whether it’s something that will prepare or if it’s something that will NOT prepare them to be a missionary.

Discuss why or why not with all the children. Some items may be good things to do (for instance…reading books), but remind them that we don’t want to spend all our time doing those things. We need to remember to also do things that will strengthen our testimonies and prepare us to be a missionary.

Continue until all items have been chosen from the suitcase, or until time runs out.

Close by singing “I Hope They Call Me On a Mission” and bear your testimony.

You could also have them draw a picture or write down something they will do to prepare for a mission.


I hope you enjoy this week’s Sharing Time. It’s simple, but I think the children will really enjoy picking items out of the suitcase.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!

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8 thoughts on “{Sharing Time} Sharing the Gospel Helps Others Come Unto Christ.

  1. Lindsay

    Thank you for your ideas and outline, it was a total lifesaver for me tonight! I just found out an hour ago that I have to teach sharing time tomorrow and I was a little panicked since I like to have more time to prepare, but this feels totally doable now. Thanks again!


  2. Charlotte

    I appreciate you sharing such wonderful ideas for those of us that are not so creative. The children love the activities.


  3. Teresa

    Love this idea! I’m going to use missionary pictures of those currently serving from our ward. I think the kids can identify with them. I’m also going to dig out my old mission name tag and wear it to see if they notice anything different about me. Now off to find items for the suitcase.


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