As I was reading over the 2011 Primary Sharing Time Outline, I noticed on the left side of page 2 they gave a ‘2011 Challenge’. Here is what is says:
Yearly Challenge: Throughout the year, give children opportunities to share what they have learned from their scripture reading. This will give children a chance to share their experiences and help motivate others to read their scriptures at home.”
After reading that I came up with an idea for this challenge. I thought it would be really neat throughout the year for the children to record favorite scriptures/stories that they have read either on their own or as a family. Whenever they want, they can write or draw about their favorite scripture or story.
At the end of the year you can gather each of the papers that the children have written and turn it into your own Primary ‘I Know the Scriptures are True’ book. And if your budget is enough, you could make a book for each child in your Primary.
I have included a PDF document that includes pages for the children to write/draw on and a quick instruction for the challenge.
I came up with this awhile ago, but forgot to post it, so here it is. I hope you like it!

One thought on “2011 Primary Challenge Idea

  1. Erin

    That would be a good idea for 5th Sunday sharing times, since they aren’t covered in the outline. Thanks for all your great ideas. I am using your treasure map bulletin board idea for my sharing time this week.


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