So I have some scenario cards for this weeks sharing time typed up. I thought I would post them before we hit the road back to Idaho. 🙂
There’s just a few, so if any of you have some other scenarios just let me know and I’ll add them to my scenario cards. Hope you like them.


7 thoughts on “Scenario Cards

  1. Linda Erickson

    Thank you so much! I have had a crazy week and hadn’t had time to make up any scenarios! You just made my day!

  2. Anonymous

    Thank You! Thank You! I have a new baby and I’ve been sick all week and this is perfect for me to do for sharing time tomorrow : ) You helped me out so much.

  3. Anonymous

    These are great scenarios. THANK YOU! May I offer a suggestion? The font you used is cute but difficult for young readers to read. I would prefer a font that is more kid friendly. But seriously, thank you for posting this.

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