Sharing Time Idea from the 2015 Outline ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION: Read Moroni 10:5 together, and testify that the Holy Ghost will help us learn the truth. Tell the children that sometimes they may get a warm, peaceful feeling while at church, while doing acts of kindness, or as they pray and read the scriptures. Explain that this peaceful feeling is the Holy Ghost letting them know that these things are true and right. Divide the children into class groups,… Read more »

Holy Ghost Sharing Time Idea

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2015 Outline ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING: Invite some ward members to share stories about how the Holy Ghost guides or protects us. They could share a personal experience or a story from the scriptures or Church history (for example, see Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Wilford Woodruff [2004], 46–47). Divide the children into groups and rotate either the groups or the storytellers until each group has heard all the stories. Have the children hum “The Holy… Read more »

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2015 Outline INTRODUCE THE DOCTRINE: In a quiet voice say, “Everyone who can hear my voice, put your finger on your nose. Everyone who can hear my voice, put your hand on your head.” Continue, designating other parts of the body, until all the children are listening to your quiet voice. You could end by asking them to fold their arms. Point out that even though you were speaking quietly, when the children listened, they… Read more »

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2015 Outline Introduce the doctrine: Help the children memorize the first article of faith by dividing them into three groups. Point to a group and have them say, “We believe in God, the Eternal Father.” Point to another group and have them say, “And in His Son, Jesus Christ.” Point to the third group and have them say, “And in the Holy Ghost.” Repeat, giving each group a turn to say each phrase. (You may… Read more »

Sharing Time Idea from the 2013 Outline IDENTIFYING THE DOCTRINE (singing a song): Ask the children what gift we are given after we are baptized. Sing thesecond verse of “The Holy Ghost” (CS, 105). Before you sing, ask the children to listen for the answer to the following question: What does the Holy Ghost help us do? Help the children understand that the still, small voice is the Holy Ghost and that He helps us choose the right. ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (seeing an… Read more »

Sharing Time Idea from the Primary 2012 Outline IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing an object lesson): Have a child stand by the door.  Blindfold the child, and have him or her try to find his or her chair and sit down without any help.  Repeat the activity, but this time ask another child to guide the blindfolded child by touching his or her arm and leading the way.  Discuss with the children why it was easier for the child to find the… Read more »

The Holy Ghost is the Third Member of the Godhead. A few weeks ago, I received an email from a wonderful woman named Sandie Jeserick. Sandie lives in Pleasant Grove, UT; and she has been nice enough to share her Sharing Time idea with all of us. Sandie’s idea is to get a picture of each member of the Godhead: Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. Then have different characteristics/clues of each member written on pieces of paper…. Read more »