LDS Sewing Cards

Hi friends! It’s Chrissy from, and I have a printable that the kiddos are gonna love! They are LDS sewing cards, and they are perfect for sacrament meeting, primary, family home evening, or anytime! .One of the biggest struggles we have as moms and primary teachers is keeping the kids quiet and reverent at church, baptisms, or general conference. I mean, kids just weren’t meant to sit still for very long.  Just tonight while we were reading our scriptures,… Read more »

LDS Mini Word Search Booklet

Several weeks ago, as we were sitting in Sacrament meeting, my son pulled out a word search book and began ‘searching’. He turned to me and asked if I would help him find the words. As we sat there searching for words, I had an idea! If my son enjoys word searches, and like to do them at church, why  not create some LDS themed word searches for him and my other kiddos to enjoy?!? And that is how my… Read more »

There has been quite a bit of talk about keeping the Sabbath day holy. In August I had the opportunity to attend BYU’s Education Week. While there, I attended a wonderful class that was taught by Lani O. Hilton. I was only able to attend one day, but the day I attended was focused on the Sabbath Day. Since then, I have read several talks and articles concerning the Sabbath Day. Today I am going to share some things I… Read more »