Popsicle Pictionary Singing Time Idea

(This post contains affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. What that means is if you click and purchase something I will get a percentage of that sale. I participate in affiliate sale to help support my blog and to keep it running. To read more about affiliate links, take a look at my FAQ page, Here.) . Last week I was asked to sub for Singing Time. The Singing Time leader had planned on doing a Pictionary type game that… Read more »

Today I’m sharing another idea my amazing Mother thought of and uses often during Singing Time. I don’t remember what she called these, but I’m going to call them Singing Time ‘Shakers’! During Singing Time do you ever have the children clap the beat? Or maybe you have them snap or pat their laps. Well, here’s something new you could do…Shakers! My Mom came up with the idea of filling plastic Easter eggs with different objects and then having the… Read more »

A few weeks ago I was in Utah visiting my Mother. While I was there she was trying to come up with an idea to use for Singing Time that week. She was subbing for the music leader, and wanted to have a fun review game that would keep her small primary busy. We searched Pinterest…I told her a few ideas that our amazing Music Leader has done in the past, and then I remembered a Sharing Time that I… Read more »